Sarasota Orthopedic Dr Sugar Partners With the Best in the Business for Regenerative Medicine

Press Release ( - Sarasota, FL - Feb 15, 2016 - SARASOTA, Fla. — Dr. Sugar and his team of medical professionals open Regen SRQ to offer state-of-the-art regenerative medicine to Sarasota and patients in the surrounding area. Regenerative medicine offers a powerful alternative to surgery, using the body’s natural ability to heal itself and implementing it into treating injuries ranging from tennis elbow to arthritis. In pursuit of offering regenerative medicine, Dr. Sugar has teamed up with two of the most respected and experienced organizations in offering platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment, stem cell and amniotic cell therapy.

Arteriocyte Medical Systems stands as a leading medical device company. One product in particular, the MAGELLAN Autologous Platelet Separator is key in providing platelet-rich plasma treatments. During a PRP procedure, blood is removed from a patient. While Plasma makes up just over 50 percent of human blood, it must be separated from the rest of the blood’s makeup to be used. The MAGELLAN Separator separates and removes the plasma, making it usable for a PRP injection. Additionally, Arteriocyte Medical Systems provides the MAGELLAN System, which assists in the removal of bone marrow from a patient. Human stem cells are located within bone marrow and play an essential role in regenerative medicine. This is one of the two major companies Dr. Sugar has teamed up with in providing regenerative medicine to the greater Sarasota area. 

Dr. Sugar has teamed up with two of the most respected and experienced organizations in offering platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment, stem cell and amniotic cell therapy.

Dr. David Sugar, MD

Dr. Sugar understands the importance of teaming up with the best of the best, and in regards to both removing plasma from blood and extracting bone marrow from a patient’s body, few companies have the track record as Arteriocyte. Established in 2007, Arteriocyte Medical Systems, Inc. has taking strides in providing the highest quality medical equipment, in regards to regenerative medicine. It specializes in offering innovative equipment and methods to improve success rates for the medical staff while reducing the discomfort experienced by a patient. Located in Hopkinton, Mass., Arteriocyte Medical Systems Inc. works with many of the top medical service providers not only in the United States, but around the world. 

In addition to creating equipment designed to assist with the removal and creation of regenerative elements used in PRP and stem cell therapy treatments, Arteriocyte Medical Systems Inc. has several ongoing studies underway. Infections of the spine and the study of combination injuries currently remain in the preclinical stage while critical limb ischemia, compartment syndrome and two burn studies are in Phase I of clinical testing. 

The second company Dr. Sugar has partnered with to provide the highest level of regenerative therapy for patients in and around Sarasota is Amnio Regen Solutions. The company strives to work and provide next generation treatments for chronic wounds, nerve damage, tendon repair and orthopedic deficits. To do this, Amnio Regen Solutions works specifically with amniotic fluid. As a second form of stem cells, this is a much more powerful form of stem cell treatment when compared to bone marrow stem cells. While bone marrow is readily available in all patients, stem cells derived from amniotic fluid is more powerful, as it has not sat dormant inside the body for decades. 

During pregnancy, the interior lining of the placenta protects the fetus, filling with a liquid known as amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid and the subsequently created amniotic sac provides a unique, protective barrier around the developing embryo, locking in proteins, nutrients, and stem cells used in helping the embryo develop until carried to term. The amniotic sac rupturing is most commonly known as a woman’s “water breaking.” During birth, the sac and the fluid is typically discarded; however, as the amniotic fluid contains powerful stem cells, it can be collected and donated for medical use. These collected stem cells are used by Amnio Regen Solutions in developing lifesaving treatments for patients in need. 

Amnio Regen Solutions uses the amniotic stem cells to treat several different medical issues. These issues include inflammation, microbial, fibrotic, nutrient depravation issues and the suffering of Immune Privileged. 

Injury occurs in almost every area of the body. These injuries typically are due to one particular motion performed over and over again. From a construction worker to a professional baseball player, extreme repetitive movements often lead to the deterioration of soft tissue in the body. Tissue such as cartilage, tendons, ligaments and muscle may break down, tear, move out of place or completely separate. While some conditions do require surgery to correct the injury (such as a complete tear), other injuries can receive treatment using PRP or stem cell therapy (both bone marrow and amniotic). Injuries affecting the Achilles, ankle, elbow, rotator cuff, shoulder, knee, wrist or hip are all potentially treated by PRP and stem cell therapy. While treatments vary on a case by case basis, Dr. Sugar and his staff of top medical professionals can work with every patient to see what is the best potential course of action for treating the injury and for moving forward. 

Dr. Sugar decided to offer regenerative medicine to Sarasota and the surrounding area due to the level of arthritis and other joint related injuries sustained in Florida. Whether from an athletic activity or due to aging, the practice of using the human body’s natural ability to heal as a means of medical treatment has been around for over a decade now; however, it is now receiving more attention due to the improved techniques available to medical professionals. Regenerative medicine offers several benefits over surgery, and while surgery is the only viable option for more extreme injuries, PRP and stem cell treatments offers recovery opportunities not provided by surgery. 

The main benefit of undergoing regenerative treatment is the lack of surgery all together. Depending on how the organic material is obtained, it is either done through a blood sample, a small incision by the hip to extract bone marrow, or from amniotic stem cells already obtained by a donor (in which case no initial incision or needle is required). After the plasma or stem cells are prepared, it is injected at the point of injury using a needle and ultrasound machine. Essentially, a patient only receives one or two extended injections. While this can cause some inflammation in the injury for several days, the lack of opening the body to perform surgery significantly reduces experienced pain over an extended period of time. Additionally, the body heals faster and there is no extensive scaring. 

Patients often ask of potential complications from a medical treatment. Whether medication, surgery, or treatment procedure, understanding the potential downside to medical procedures is an important question for any patient. Regenerative medicine has been used over 10,000 times on different patients. There has yet to be a single report of negative implications from either stem cell or platelet-rich plasma treatments. The same cannot be said for going under the knife (although there are other complications associated with any form of surgery).

The use of stem cells in medical treatments have remained in the news for the better part of the last decade. Embryonic stem cells have received the blunt of criticism from certain groups and individuals due to the need to destroy an embryo in order to obtain these stem cells. While this form of stem cell extraction remains under scrutiny, both bone marrow and amniotic stem cell removal are different. Bone marrow extraction takes place generally around the hip bone, as it provides a large source of desirable bone marrow with the least amount of tissue surrounding it. Amniotic stem cells are not collected until after the delivery of the child, so no children, either pre or post birth, comes under any harm when obtaining the stem cells. This way, individuals against the use of embryonic stem cells do not need to worry about sourcing either bone marrow or amniotic stem cells. 

Dr. Sugar has teamed up with two of the finest medical treatment developers in the entire world. Specializing in both PRP and stem cell regenerative treatments, both companies bring levels of expertise few other organizations have in the United States. The state of the art regenerative treatment methods allow patients to recover faster than ever before while reducing pain and improving their range of movement. Whether suffering from a rotator cuff injury, arthritis, a torn ligament in the knee or a breakdown of cartilage in the shoulder, platelet-rich plasma and stem cells hold the answer to often avoiding surgery. 

Patients interested in potentially receiving such regenerative treatments should contact Dr. Sugar and his team of professionals in Sarasota to see if they are right for the treatment. While not for everyone, those who do qualify for the treatment can work with Dr. Sugar to ensure they always have the very highest level of care, while improving the shape and capability of the body. All of this is done while using the natural healing elements of the body itself. 

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