2019 update arnica article by Dr Les Bailey, back and joint pain centre caterham

The famous 2012 injectable arnica article updated 2019 , Dr Les Bailey, back and joint pain centre , caterham
2019 update arnica article by Dr Les Bailey, back and joint pain centre caterham

The 2019 update to Dr Les Baileys famous “arnica” article from 2012 that pioneered and paved the way for injectable arnica to be used locally in place of hydrocortisone.

Injectable Arnica…the New Hydrocortisone?? A New Medical Discovery

Dr Les Bailey phd discovered a NEW use for injectable arnica



Doctor Les Bailey phd

Oct 19, 2012, 07:20 ET

SURREY, England, Oct. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — I had discovered injectable arnica some 25 years ago, when as a keen thai boxer (muay thai) I used to inject arnica subcutaneously after a fight or a heavy sparring session to subside the resultant bruising.

I found this was far better and more effective than tablets, and worked so much faster.

I had got the idea from working alongside Dr Ian Urquhart, a keen homeopath, who always professed his belief that homeopathic medicines worked far better injected than taken orally.

At this time I used it systemically, obtaining it from weleda in Germany.

As an osteopath it fitted my thinking better than endless anti-inflammatories.

Some time later I had reason to have hydrocortisone injections in painful shin splints, and hit on the idea that maybe arnica could possibly do a safer and maybe even more effective job?

I scoured the internet and found no mention of anyone ever having used it in place of hydrocortisone before.

I waited some time until I had an injury, and was out running when I suffered a 3 ligament strain upon hitting uneven ground.

I limped back to my home in quite some pain and unable to even wear my trainer.

I immediately took an insulin syringe and filled it with injectable arnica. Tentatively I injected 10ml divided into 3 areas into the, by now, very painful and inflamed ankle.

That night I noticed the pain subsiding slightly, but the next morning I awoke and immediately went for a run…pain free!!!!

I began using it on friends injuries at my gym and noticed a very impressive clear up rate. I was not a medical doctor, so could not use it on my patients.

I discussed the findings with a private medical doctor colleague I worked alongside and he expressed an interest. He was called upon to use hydrocortisone a lot in his private practice, and immediately contacted the BMA to ask if they had any objection to him using arnica in this way. They said there would be no objections.

He began using it in his practice and reported some 70% success, which i believe may be higher than cortisone(?)

I reported my findings in the 3rd edition of my book “The Layman’s Guide To Foot And Heel Pain”(2010) ISBN 978-095621-300-6 and hope some medical university may begin a formal university trial someday?

I await my Nobel Peace Prize with baited breath……..(!!!!)

To contact doctor Les Bailey, phd, do, acopm, apta(int part) go to drlesbailey@yahoo.co.uk


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SOURCE Doctor Les Bailey phd


The above is the original arnica article written by Dr Les Bailey of the back and joint pain centre, caterham . Since 2012 when he introduced the use of arnica injections locally , (rather like hydrocortisone), this has proven to be a great success in the medical world, being adopted by doctors, surgeons, podiatrists, and many other fields of medicine.

It is now used in clinics all over the world, and it’s popularity is spreading daily as a safe ,and highly effective ,replacement for cortisone.

Dr Les Bailey uses it daily on his own patients, and the results carry on astonishing him by the day.

The good thing with arnica , compared to cortisone, is that the homeopathic dose of arnica in the injection, works by stimulating the body to create its own fight against any Musculoskeletal injury, whether muscle, tendon or ligament (including bone breaks) . It is also quite amazing to administer post-operatively to aid fast healing .

And best of all, the needle is tiny!

Since 2012, many homoeopathic manufacturers have introduced arnica ampoules for injection, and the manufacturer “heel” are particularly good . I get mine via eBay (purely for ease) . Search “heel arnica ampoule”

When the idea was first introduced to the world in my book , the layman’s guide to foot and heel pain (3rd edition), it has taken off considerably . However, I used it in this way for many years before.

I’m happy to see it has taken off in the medical world, and we will see it spread widely over the next decade .Dr Les Bailey , Back and joint pain centre, 175 coulsdon rd , caterham, surrey , Uk , cr3 5nu. Tel 01883341949 or 07801418080. Website http://www.backandjointpaincentredrlesbailey.co.uk/ Email drlesbailey@yahoo.co.uk



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