3 Lift Solutions for Your Property

3 Lift Solutions for Your Property

If you or a family member is a wheelchair user, it’s crucial that your home and workplace are easily accessible. If the need for a wheelchair is a recent development, your current house or workplace might not be as well-equipped as it needs to be for these new requirements. If so, you will need to make some adjustments to your home in order to continue living there happily and independently. Similarly, your workplace will need to make adjustments to allow access. One of the ways in which you could do this is by having lifts installed in both the home and workplace.

It might seem like a big adjustment to have done to a property, and it’s true that it can take some work. However, it is necessary to make a home or a working environment safe and accessible for an individual who uses a wheelchair, or in other cases of restricted mobility. At home, it is important that they maintain their independence, and getting around the house with ease is a big part of that. At work, an employer should ensure that employees feel included and respected, which is why their needs must be taken into consideration. Here are some ways in which you can improve both domestic and professional areas for those who need it.

1.    Stairlift

More for domestic situations, one of the most common adaptations for those with restricted mobility is to have a stairlift installed. They come with seatbelts and are safe to use, both for those in a wheelchair and elderly people who might struggle to walk up a flight of stairs. However, in order to have these added to your home, your stairway will have to be big enough to fit the lift. In other words, you might have to make alterations to your stairway or find alternative solutions.

2.    Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are great for wheelchair users and can be used for internal & external disabled access. They are large enough to fit a wheelchair securely and comfortably and are great for both domestic and commercial spaces. However, there are limitations, as these lifts are designed to travel short distances. Therefore, they would not be able to travel ten floors in an office building. Longer distances require a more heavy-duty elevator, which, happily, most modern offices are equipped with. That said, platform lifts would work well for the home or for smaller commercial properties.

3.    Domestic Lifts

Domestic lifts are another option for those who struggle to get up and down the stairs. If you can’t have a stairlift installed, domestic lifts are wonderful alternatives and can be installed in most homes. They can also feel more luxurious than other lifts solutions and are perfect for allowing wheelchair users access to the upper floors of your home.

It’s essential that homes and workspaces are equipped to provide access for those who need it. Use these suggestions to help better your living environment or improve standards at work.


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