5 Things You Must Know Before Start Selling on Amazon

5 Things You Must Know Before Start Selling on Amazon

Ecommerce has grown into the most powerful business industry. Whether it is the ease of shopping or a wide range of product options, people prefer eCommerce shopping sites for many reasons. Since the inception of eCommerce, Amazon has emerged as the most significant player in the industry. With a growing number of shoppers increasing every year, Amazon has placed its prominence in the eCommerce industry already.

“80% of smartphone owners prefer online shopping over visiting a physical store.”

The significance of Amazon is continuously increasing, and it is the right time to tap into the growing demand by setting foot as an Amazon seller. Starting your own product line and entering the market is one of the great things you can do to leverage your growth as a seller. By listing product on Amazon, there is a huge pool of online customers that you can get access to. There are vast potentials of enhancing sales on Amazon if you know the right way to go about it. Amazon is a massive eCommerce platform where thousands of sellers might be selling products similar to yours. It becomes necessary to create your unique identity and place yourself as a promising name among the customers.

Things You Need To Consider Before Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is not a cakewalk, there are plenty of things that you need to take into consideration to ensure your fruitful growth. So, if you have decided to start your Amazon endeavour as a seller, take a look at some essential points that you must keep in your mind.

Get Amazon Tools

The first step towards making a great start as an amazon seller is to get hands-on some of the amazing Amazon seller tools. There are plenty of tools available that can help you manage your business. It is necessary to know more about these tools and find the ideal one to suit your requirements. Every Amazon tool has its own functions and purposes. It depends on you as a seller to pick the right one. For instance, Seller Motor is an effective Amazon seller tool that can help you expedite your traffic with the fully automated Amazon PPC. You can start your free trial at Seller Motor to learn more about this reliable seller tool.

Optimize Product Details

More than 12 million products are selling on Amazon. How would you make your product line distinctive in the crowd? It definitely depends on the product details you put up on Amazon seller account that makes it easier for customers to steer towards your product line. Amazon takes information about your product to match the customers’ search for particular items. Product information majorly include product title, description, search items, size, colour, product identifiers, etc. you would need to optimize your product description before putting up on Amazon to drive maximum traffic.

Competitive Pricing Can Save You

As an Amazon seller, you must be acquainted with the prices of your competitors selling the same product. Every Amazon customer looks out for products that are available in the least possible prices. As a seller, you must know the prices against which you need to compete and learn how to list your products at a competitive price. If your products aren’t unique, you must have to look out for your competitors selling the same range of products. Lowering your price can help your products show up at the top search results. There are specific tools as well to do competitive pricing for your products.

Professional Product Image

It is quite evident that visual appeal holds a great significance in the eCommerce industry. It’s only the product image that your customer can see before making a purchase decision. It becomes essential to make the image as professional as possible to attract the customers. Product images that impart a professional outline of the brand to help customer build trust towards your business. You must invest in commercial photography to give your products a professional makeover for the Amazon listing. The product image should highlight all the key facets of your product that will further compel your customers to make a purchase decision.

Hustle To Get The Buy Box

The buy box is a simple box placed on the right side of the product page, which prompts the buyers to add certain items to their cart when they are shopping. Beneath that buy box, there are certain products listed from the other sellers. Not every seller can win the buy box, as Amazon reserves it for a few selected successful sellers. When a customer’s reaches to the buy box, Amazon will showcase the list of other prominent sellers selling the same product with a better deal. This way, sellers can make the most of the buy box. It depends on the sellers to raise their bar and hustle to emerge as a successful and preferred seller on Amazon to get a place in the buy box. You need to modify your selling strategy and make your pricing strategy competitive in order to come in the good books of Amazon.

The Bottom Line

Amazon is the most powerful eCommerce platform where millions of customers come to meet their requirements. Selling on Amazon has plenty of perks owing to the growing number of customer inclining towards this eCommerce platform. Whether it is Fulfilment By Amazon or robust back end support, Amazon is certainly the ideal place to start your eCommerce business.

Just deciding the product range and listing them on Amazon is not enough to gain that competitive edge in the market. There are plenty of things that would contribute to leverage your position as an Amazon seller. It is essential to keep such vital factors in mind while setting foot into Amazon as a seller.

The above mentioned were some of the necessary things that you must consider before start selling on Amazon. Make sure to adhere to each point in order to ensure your success in the industry. Don’t forget it’s not how you present your business; it’s how well your project your brand on Amazon.



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