Vape pens are a topic that is widely discussed by society. Many myths and stereotypes are being created in these discussions, and many of them are debunked. In fact, the industry continues to develop for twenty years, which makes us believe that new myths are about to come.

People in modern societies are also of different opinions about these devices. On the one hand, they try not to make others obey their views because of freedom of speech and so on. On the other hand, some people are disturbed by the popularisation of this device because they do not want their children to see vaping as away.

Some people are completely confused by the devices, their details, accessories, and additional things that exist in vaping communities. The explanations of all these issues have been circulating within the Internet for years; however, people still get confused. Some people see no difference between a dab pen and a wax pen.

This happens mainly because everyone describes the details of a certain vape device. At the same time, hardly anyone tries to explain the difference between this variety of devices regarding their functions and their complement, use, and criteria to choose the best concentrate pen (https://vapingdaily.com/vaporizers/weed-pens/best-dab-wax-pen/) or cig-a-like.

Vaping Devices: Basic Types

The most popular types of vaping devices include a vape mod, a vape pen, a cig-a-like, and a pod mod. In addition, the recent novelties on the market include e nail, dab vape pen, wax vaporizer, and e rig.

1.  Cig-a-like is the simplest one, which was the first to appear on the market. Its structure is the most simple: a battery, an atomizer, and e-liquid container. To use the device, one needs to fill the container with an e-liquid, press the button so that the atomizer starts, and enjoy vape clouds. Atomizer takes the energy from the battery, and it works. Nothing that can complicate the process.

2.  Quite soon after the first type’s appearance on the market, it was improved and turned into vape pens, most of which are of cylindrical shape. They have become bigger in size and, thus, more variable in functions. The opportunity to use a different atomizer (clearomizer) was a truly fantastic thing at that time! Battery power was also increased. Also, the opportunity to vape cannabis appeared.

Today’s vape pen usually consists of a firing button, a battery, an e-liquid tank, coil, which might be sub-ohm if the device is a more advanced, USB port for recharging. Moreover, the atomizer technique has also been improved. The most modern technology has a special drip tip, kind of chimney, airflow control, and thread to connect to the battery and avoid accidents.

3.  Vape mods have become the next step in vaping industry development. These are compelling devices, which should be used by professional users only. Otherwise, the instruction should be read carefully, or the starting kit should be bought. Actually, the device’s roots go back to times when people tried to modify some tiny stuff as torches into vaping devices.

This type of creation’s basic impulse was that people wanted bigger clouds and needed some extremely powerful technology to produce them. There is no exact scheme for mods’ design because it has become so popular that, but for vaping function, it has become the new fashion accessory. The first devices, especially those modified by users from the torches, were quite dangerous and could explode, but now these dangers are minimized.

4.  Pod mods, though being the newest ones, are quite similar to cig-a-likes. These are small tiny sticks, which are getting more and more popular. These are used not for hype or style (though some look really trendy), but for vaping nicotine salt e juices. Pod mods are mostly recommended for those who are just switching to vaping and want to avoid possible inconveniences and damages.

Vaping and Health Issues

Vaping affects the vaper’s health as well as the health of those surrounding the vaper. This is called second hand vaping. There also exists such a notion as third hand vaping, which means getting chemicals not from vapour directly but from the surfaces where this vapour used to be. These surfaces might be floor, walls, sofas, or whatever else. Mostly, pets suffer from third hand vaping, whereas friends and family members suffer from second hand vaping.

As for the vapers themselves, the number of negative health effects is enormous. All the inner organs suffer from the activity. Body systems are getting malfunctioning or destroyed. Also, the most acute problem is addiction. Most vaping devices use e liquids or salts, which contain nicotine, which, in its turn, is highly addictive. Those who use the best wax pens or best dab pens are exposed to herbs, mostly cannabis. Marijuana is also addictive and harmful.

To sum up, the use of e-cigarettes always has some negative sides. Firstly, you can harm the people and creatures you love and care about. Secondly, you can get addicted and, due to this, lose a number of benefits in your life. Thirdly, you can develop heart disease, some kind of cancer, lung disease, problems with the blood, make your sperm slower, or make it more difficult for your egg to develop into a baby. All these possible problems are real, and it was proved through a number of research.


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