Essential Tips for Making Your Guest List

Getting married is one of the most exciting and wonderful experiences in one’s life. However, planning a traditional wedding can be anything but. Many feel stressed, uncomfortable, and financially stretched as they plan their wedding. While catering and cake tasting and music selecting may have redeeming qualities, many brides and grooms report that the hardest task when planning a wedding is deciding on a guest list.
Essential Tips for Making Your Guest List

Making a guest list can feel emotionally charged because it involves choosing between friends, family members, and coworkers from both your own and your future spouse’s life. If you are engaged and are getting ready to create a guest list, read on for some essential tips to make creating your guest list a bit easier.

Organize People Into Tiers

One of the biggest tips for brides and grooms making their guest lists is to organize potential guests into tiers. The top tier is generally reserved for best friends, immediate family, grandparents, and, if applicable, the people who introduced the two of you. The second tier should be additional friends and family members whom you’d like to invite if those in the first tier are not able to attend. This will make it easier to organize your thoughts as you go through the list-making process.

Set Guidelines For Invites

The next tip for you making your guest list is to set firm guidelines. These guidelines may be questions to ask about a person you’re thinking of inviting, such as “what is the last time we saw each other?” or “would I want to get dinner with them in the next year?” The guidelines could also be as simple as setting a rule that you will not invite anyone who lives over a certain amount of miles away. Once you have set these guidelines it is important that you stick to them.

Be Realistic With Your Budget And Your Space

The next tip is to be realistic about your budget and your space. If your budget for guests or the space in your venue only covers 150 people, that is the maximum amount of people you should invite. Having a number like this dictating by something external will help you make decisions about the list.

Remember Whose Day It Is

It is common for parents and in-laws to get involved and to get pushy with all aspects of the wedding, including the guest list. Remember whose day it is! You are the one getting married, so put your foot down if it feels like the commentary from family is getting out of hand.

Get A Wedding Website That Works for You

One of the best gifts you can give yourself as you plan your wedding and make your guest list is signing up for one of many wedding websites that will help you stay organized and on track. However, it is important that you choose one that actually works for you, such as Joy, which will track all guest responses and RSVPs for you as well as organize their plus ones and meal choices. A wedding website like this will alleviate a lot of stress for you and keep all information in one place.

Know Where You’re Sending Your Invitations

The last step in creating a wedding guest list is, of course, sending out paper invitations. Since many folks do not send physical mail anymore, it is important that you actually know where you are sending them. If you’ve forgotten an address or someone moved, consider using Go Look Up to find information about your guests, such as their address and phone number. As long as you know their name and the city they live in, you should be able to find everything you need.



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