Get playful with your Christmas decor– 6 Artistic ways to celebrate Christmas; Vintage Style!

Get playful with your Christmas decor– 6 Artistic ways to celebrate Christmas; Vintage Style!

Bring the scent and spirit of Christmas at your home by getting creative with decor. Holidays are all about gatherings, huge spread dinners, eggnog sessions and obvious load of presents! Everyone gets curiously ready for this cozy festive season; and even though we have our own myriad ways to celebrate this fiesta, the spirit translates the same joy everywhere. Home decor ideas for the holidays are all over the internet today, championing various styled themes. Amidst this, we stay keen to pick up the unique ones for our interior ornamentation.

In this blog, we will help you redefine your classic Christmas decor with a contemporary touch of fancy! Our main decor theme will revolve around playing with dry flowers and ferns. They pose a vintage classic vibe yet can be arranged elegantly to enhance the entire look and feel of your house. All the below creations and arrangements are highly customizable, allowing you to go all-in with your imaginative spirit. So, tag along with us through this piece to reproduce a Christmas World of your own.

Before starting with our creative list, let’s have a chat about dried flowers. Dried or preserved flowers are usually a super smart way of decorating any space. They have a fancy yet homely vibe to them. They are even easier to DIY and make from scratch; where you basically need not do anything! Another alternative is to buy them from florists and businesses that preserve them in various ways. It is a great eco-friendly way to reuse the once-blooming beauty. To order a dried flower in bulk is also pocket-friendly, which will make your decor cost close to a few dimes. You’ll be astonished to see how these long-dead blossoms if used effectively, can display such glamorous masterpieces. Here, we share some of our curated decorative tips with you-

Revamp your wreath

Wreaths are a Christmas Classic. No holiday decor is ever composed without it. A willow wreath foam base is such a fruitful canvas to work on using dried blooms, twigs, ferns, etc.

You can reinvent the ancestral and humble green wreath with a wild selection of blooms, arranged artistically that will steal the show. You can also play around with a few added ingredients and spray them with your favorite holiday scents. The natural nudes and cherry pops will add that joyous glimmer to your wreath. On top of it, these creations of yours will stay long-lasted on your front door, giving warm welcome hugs to every visitor who comes through.

Give a twist to your basic tinsel

Rather than buying plastic made mass-manufactured tinsel, create your own with all-natural and organic ingredients. Say no to plastic and go eco-friendly this year. All you need is a wire or ribbon and a variety of ferns, dried flowers, twigs, etc. Sliced orange slices studded with cloves are in high trend nowadays. They will give a vibrant citrus color plus a traditional scent to your tinsel. You can also invent tinsel that suits and compliments your entire decor theme.

Give your fireplace a makeover it deserves.

Fireplaces are often ignored and left out of decor. But instead, they should stand out and taken full advantage of. Fireplaces offer a great opportunity to hang stockings and garlands of festive foliage. You can attempt to form an arrangement around the frame of the fireplace with a mixed array of dried branches and ferns, adding colour pops with dried flowers in their midst. Florals like hydrangea, berries, pink peppercorns, and wild roses turn out to be the perfect options for such an arrangement. You can even add drama to it by intervening twinkling fairy lights through them.

Dress-up your table

Don’t let your winters be cold and monotonous. Spruce up your interiors with freshness and floral scents to help you dismiss the icy world outside. You can fetch in some freshness into your living space by incorporating moss, wild succulents nestled in large decorative china bowls and stunted vases. Another fun way to bring in vibrancy is by making wonderful table runners and centerpieces to sit amidst the holiday dinner table. Retro blooms such as ranunculus, chrysanthemums, and carnations could be tagged side by side to feign a warm aura around the table. This is simple to execute and yet, is so dramatically pleasing to the eye.

Don’t miss out on your ceiling

Bring in the winter woodland vibe to cast a dramatic feel in your dining area. Dried branches suspended from the ceiling form a great installation. Foraged foliage, dried flowers, ferns, grasses, and mistletoe can be interweaved to form this aerial roof installation. You can get this professionally done or even do a home-style version which is easy to achieve. For a DIY structure of such a kind, you can suspend a large branch hang g from the ceiling using fishing wires and hooks. This would be your base for arrangements that’ll go on top of them. For the last step, start hanging your collected dried floral blooms and greens around the branch carefully. If you want to play with the height of the installation, use velvet ribbons to hang other items. You can also hang bundles of mistletoe to carry forward the Christmas vibe.

Bouquet it up

Sweet little floral elements with the right choice of blooms, tied with a satin ribbon or jute ribbon, is a pleasant winter giveaway for your guests. These can be a personalized option of a present by you to them. You can add foraged lichen branches, foliage, and berries for an impressive bouquet. Flowers such as roses of different kinds are also famously used for arrangements like these. They can be put in vases or small narrow opening bowls to be placed on tables.

These eclectic winter decor ideas are sure to make your house liven up the holiday spirit with being too gaudy or overwhelming. Use these as inspirations and make up your own personal theme set.

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