How Casinos Became Brand Extensions

How Casinos Became Brand Extensions

A big brand is one that performs well and makes money within its chosen industry. A huge brand is one that moves beyond the industry that it operates within and starts making money from other revenue sources, too. There are dozens of different ways that entertainment and sports brands have done this in the past, ranging from official video games to licensed action figures and trading card sets, but these days there’s another piece in the puzzle. Now, a big entertainment brand isn’t exploiting the full potential of its value unless it has a presence at an online slots website or casino.

While the world’s many and varied online slots websites might not seem like the most logical place for any brand to end up, consider the absurdity of some commercial partnerships that already exist. Whether you’re a soccer fan or not, you’ll have heard of Manchester United. They’re one of the richest and most successful soccer clubs on the planet, and they have the commercial partners to prove it. Manchester United has a sponsorship partner everywhere. They have a ‘global noodle partner’ in the shape of the Nissin Foods Group. They also have a Nigeria-specific official soft drinks partner. Anywhere that it’s possible to place the Manchester United logo and make money from it, the club has done so. Unsurprisingly, they also have their own online slots game.


It’s a little easier to understand how commercialism works with movies. Any film – especially one that’s popular with children or young adults – is likely to have an official video game. Especially popular films are also accompanied by action figures and books based on the film. A successful music act is also easy to exploit from a commercial point of view. Even in the 1990s – before the internet was as widespread as it is now – the Spice Girls were the biggest music merchandising success story of all time. By 1998 the band had made almost one billion dollars from merchandising and had filed trademarks on everything from dolls to automobiles. We never did get to see an official ‘Spice Girls’ car, but had the band not split up in the explosive fashion that they did, we’d likely have seen one before the decade was out.


When the Spice Girls were active, there was no such thing as an online slots game, because there was no such thing as an online slots website. The technology that made it possible for casinos to go online hadn’t been developed yet. Since they became a possibility shortly after the start of this century, they’ve exploded in popularity to the point where the current global revenue of the sector is in excess of fifty billion dollars each year. It’s a huge amount of money, and it’s still expanding rapidly. Everybody wants to get involved, and those who own trademarks and brands that have nothing to do with online slots or casino games in general are queuing up to get involved.


The Spice Girls don’t have their own online slots game yet, but it wouldn’t surprise us to see one appear in the future. No longer being active is no barrier to a band making money from their music or their likenesses when it comes to online slots. Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Presley have been dead for years, and yet you’ll find online slots that feature the songs of both performers at casino sites. The Village People released an online slots game last year, and it’s proved to be enormously popular. If heavy metal and rock are more your thing, you’ll find slots by Guns n’ Roses, Motorhead, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, and many more. We’re not saying that online slots are the new rock and roll, but several world-famous bands seem to think they are.


Movies and television shows are well-represented at new best slot site, too. Childhood classics like ‘Inspector Gadget’ sit side by side with more adult-orientated horror products like ‘Halloween,’ and a game based on ‘Austin Powers’ might be found right alongside another childhood favorite in the shape of ‘The Goonies.’ Even ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ is represented on some online slots websites, although admittedly, that particular game is a little harder to find. It’s not any particular genre; it’s all of them. It’s not even one particular form of entertainment; it’s all of them.


All of this has been made popular thanks to the rapid progression of the technology that drives online slots. The classic one-armed bandits and fruits-and-jewels games that you or your parents may have played years ago are no longer the fashion of the times (although games of that style are still made to please traditionalists). Freedom from the limitations of a physical cabinet means that an online slots game can take on any form that it wants to, and offer side-games that are more comparable to PlayStation games than anything you might find inside a traditional casino. The world of ‘Game of Thrones’ has been recreated with photo-realism and authentic sound for its official slot, for example, and the side games that come with it are so immersive that you might occasionally forget that you’re gambling at all. Slots can now belong to fantasy, science fiction, drama, or horror genres. They can be made to appeal to older players, younger players, men, women, or anyone else. They can almost go anywhere and do anything – and that makes them a marketeer’s dream.


One by one, we’re seeing more and more brands get wise to the idea that big money can be made from online slots if they work with a developer to build one. While not every company and every brand are happy to be associated with gambling, those that are have found that there are millions of players to reach, and that many of the existing followers of their brand are also interested in online slots. If they already like your brand and you give them a branded game to play, chances are they’ll happily play it and spend money on it. When they do, it’s yet more money in the pocket of the person who owns the rights. That might be an individual musician or sports star (Mike Tyson has his own online slots game, for example), or it might be a movie studio. It’s big money for very little effort, and it’s becoming a growth industry.

The next time you’re at a movie theater, and you see a trailer telling you that a new feature film is ‘coming soon,’ they might not just be talking about the movie. In this new age of casino-led brand extensions, their creation will soon be coming to your chosen online slots website, too.


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