How Gaming Has Thrived

How Gaming Has Thrived

There is no doubt that the gaming industry has grown immensely since its inception. Despite having a shaky start going by the reaction the public had to video games, attitudes have changed for the better today and video games play a massive part in our society. The fact that the video game industry has surpassed music and film together is illustrative of how quickly it has grown, considering its relatively recent introduction. The pandemic that shook the world brought lockdowns in many different countries. With people confined to their homes, they could not do the usual activities they loved to such as gambling, find some online slots here. Fortunately, most already had a video game console in their house, which proved to be a perfect antidote to the situation.

One aspect that people hated about the lockdowns is that their favourite businesses were shut down – gyms, cinemas, shopping centres and more. For those interested in games though, which is a high percentage of the world population, retreating into video games was an effective solution in a landscape that saw it become one of the only options. Because the industry has become so popular, a gaming PC or console is likely to be present in most homes and so in this way, the lockdowns were made more bearable. It is only because of the inherent advantages that gaming possess that this was made possible.

Online Play – Gaming was already a phenomenon in the past, but the advent of online gaming took the industry to the next level. No longer would people have to play split-screen to game with each other, they could do it from across the country or indeed the world. It offered players the chance to maintain and build relationships without having to be there in person, all over the backdrop of enjoying games. This was critical during the lockdowns as it was virtually impossible to see friends and family.

Escapism – For many, the pandemic has been a crushing experience where people have lost loved ones, jobs, and businesses. In the light of issues like these, gaming exists as a beacon of hope to those who are searching for an escape from life’s hardships. Some video games have built fantastical worlds to become lost in and are very useful to those who are struggling in real life. Having an escape is important – it offers a break from the monotony of daily life.

Competition – This is an aspect that has arisen due to the video game industry going online. This has allowed the best players around the world to play against each other in battles to determine who has the best skill. Competition is an essential part of the human condition, and so gaming would have been a great way to play against others during the lockdowns. The competitive scene in gaming was fortunately not impacted too hard as one advantage of gaming is that games can be carried out remotely with two teams in different rooms.

While the pandemic affected many industries, gaming simply thrived due to the attractive advantages it offered during lockdown periods. It is unlikely that its remarkable growth will ever slow down.



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