How to Automate All Your Processes in 2021

How to Automate All Your Processes in 2021

Even within the oldest industries, like realty, innovations take place step by step. There are still payments and advertisements, fraud and fraud prevention, time to make a deal, and haste to finalize it sooner. That is all the usual business processes that become a necessity. The good news for online merchants is that dealing with customers, sellers, payment providers, and whoever is involved can be automated.

In 2021, your time is among the most precious resources you have – like never before. Each second saved can be crucial. So here are some tips on how to automate your business processes in 2021 and get yourself more freedom.

Don’t Do Twice What Can Be Done Once

When it comes to e-commerce, it’s mostly about user authentication. There should be no need to enter your name, address, credit card details, and stuff more than once. When it comes to payments (no matter for what), they should be processed as quickly as possible. Safety is as important as can be, too, as payments are usually large, and when it comes to mortgages, they should not be delayed, so security measures should take no extra time. Everything about payments should be automated in the best way possible.

Shorten the Routine Operation

There are many operations that can be simplified and automated in e-commerce. User registration can be based on OpenID services or take moments with traditional email. The specific details to provide (credit card, mailing address, and other KYC requirements for transactions) can be saved on the server-side and stored to avoid repetitive processes.

The same can be done to special search requirements (for example, the location of the property one searches for, the price range, and so on). Saving these preferences in user profiles saves more time and makes your service more attractive.


When it comes to realty, the amounts transferred are usually much larger than in retail or software trade. So it’s quite attractive for various fraudsters that try to steal someone’s identity, redirect them to phishing pages, and do the same stuff for higher bids. Preventing potential dangers requires special databases, comparisons, user profiling, and big data operations. Given the volume of data to process, these operations benefit from proper automation like no other.

Introduce VR and AR

These parts of the business can be automated too. When away, potential buyers can visit the property with VR equipment. On the spot, AR lets users see the furniture they want, change everything, from floors and wallpapers to garden and backyard. These technologies can be automated too. For example, content options should be offered, given the user’s profile. Repetitive choices should be minimized.

Don’t Save on Saving!

In the end, automation saves your efforts, time, and money, and that’s why it pays way more than it costs. If you agree or disagree, share your opinion in a comment. You can also share this on your Facebook or Twitter page to get your friends to talk about it.




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