How to Win Back Your Wasted Time

How to Win Back Your Wasted Time

Does your time boat have a lot of leaks in it? Don’t feel bad if you waste time in drips and dribbles every day, because most adults do the same. Few people follow a schedule so closely that they never waste a minute. That’s just human nature at work. But when the boat develops major leaks and you begin wasting more than a half-hour per day, even during the work week, it’s time to do some repair work. The tricky thing about solving a time-wasting problem is that there are hundreds of different ways people let minutes and hours slip away without noticing. Much depends on your personality and what you do for a living. For example, people who spend most of their working day in front of a monitor tend to daydream, view non-essential material, talk on the phone, and send personal messages. Here are some of the most common ways people waste time, along with possible remedies.

Set Specific Sleep Hours

When your sleep schedule is out of whack or highly erratic, it becomes hard to concentrate on work tasks and use job hours efficiently. The human body seems to want a set bedtime and wake up time. Don’t be rigid with this remedy if your current sleep pattern is all over the place. Consider fixing your hours of retirement for the night and arising very gradually, perhaps over a period of several weeks.

Use Your Computer for Targeted Tasks

Leverage your computer to cut down on wasted hours. The good news is that there are many ways to streamline your life in this way. For example, if you need a medical marijuana card, it’s possible to apply online rather than traveling to a state office to fill out an application. Check out NuggMD in Broken Arrow, where you can do everything from the comfort of your PC screen and then wait to receive your card in the mail. In many states, it’s also possible to renew drivers’ licenses, vehicle registrations, and state ID cards online.

Make a Detailed Daily Schedule

Spend a half-hour making a detailed daily schedule, complete with an hourly breakdown based on work and non-work tasks. Far too many people venture into their daily routines without any guidance about how many minutes each chore should take. Make a couple of attempts at this fix before settling on a solid schedule.

Minimize Personal Phone Calls and Computer Games

Do you find yourself chatting online or on the phone with friends when you really should be attending to your job? Do you play computer games as a way to take breaks during your daily routine? If so, you might be falling into a trap. It’s one that eats away at your productive ability and can get worse if you don’t deal with it now. Consider setting a strict limit on how long you talk with friends during work hours. Or, make a policy to only take or make personal calls during breaks. A computer game now and then is okay but if you are a professional person with a career that you value, it’s best to eliminate the games altogether.


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