Innovative Tech being released across the gaming industry

Innovative Tech being released across the gaming industry

Technology continues to advance at a meteoric rate and is becoming more and more part of our everyday lives. 2020 has of course been a challenging one, that has seen lockdowns enforced and many of us having to spend extended periods of time within our own homes. That has resulted in a surge for online entertainment and the gaming industry is one that has reaped the rewards from this in areas such as Iowa. That is through offering bonuses and promotions, which is something now seen across many online businesses for growth and success. On top of this, innovative tech products continue to hit the market, which is further added the growth and popularity around the industry. So, with this being the case, here we cover some of the key advances in gaming technology.

•    Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an innovative technology that is now being seen in areas of the gaming industry. Whether this is through virtual reality casinos, which are set to provide an advanced gaming experience in the near future. This is set to be the future for the gambling market, so it will be fascinating to see whether it proves to be a success. VR headsets are also being used for other areas of gamers and provides a fully immersive, taking gaming to the next level.

•    Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology is one process that has been taking gaming to the next level. It means you can create custom avatar’s in-game, which looks like yourself. Something that has proven popular since being released. The future is also bright on this, with facial recognition soon to adapt gameplay. For example, if you grimace or look frustrated, the game would naturally reduce down to an easier difficulty, to improve gameplay and the user experience.

•    Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is another innovative technology that is now being pushed into the gaming industry. It will allow people to navigate through games by voice control, with controllers not required for this. Voice commands are easily recognised by the system, so you can easily increase and reduce volume, whilst also turning gaming systems on and off. This is also set to advance further in the coming years.

•    Graphics and Advanced displays

One of the key advancements has been with the graphics within games. The industry has come a long way from basic 8-bit graphics, to what it is today. The systems provide a near life-like experience, with higher image quality increasing every year. Innovative technology is only going to advance this process further. This is also seen in the new ultra 4k gaming, that is now being pushed out with new systems from both PlayStation and Xbox. Each have recently released their new systems, which are set to take the gaming experience to the next level. This is through unrivalled colours and crispness within games and it will provide something that has not been seen before.



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