Is EverWebinar Actually Any Good?

Well, there's tons of features inside EverWebinar, but I'd like to talk about some specific ones that I love.
Is EverWebinar Actually Any Good?

Well, there’s tons of features inside EverWebinar, but I’d like to talk about some specific ones that I love.

Your Best Webinar… On Steroids:

First, you can convert ANY webinar that you’ve done on Webinar Jam Studio into an EverWebinar. So it’s like your most successful webinar is put on steroids and does all the work for you for as long as you want.

How do you do that?

Just choose a previous Webinar Jam Studio session as the “source” of your EverWebinar.

Pretty neat, eh?

You’ve put in a lot of time and effort creating and hosting your webinar, so why should it only be limited to that one live or limited replay run? Using EverWebinar, you can “host” that webinar over and over, without actually being there.

Pre-Recorded Video… With Live Chat: (my fav feature, btw)

Ok, so you don’t have a webinar you can use as the source? That’s ok. This is probably the best feature on EverWebinar. EverWebinar lets you choose any video hosted on Youtube, Amazon S3 or Vimeo as the source of your webinar:

A lot of us are not completely comfortable doing live webinars (raising my hand here) – there’s just so much that can go wrong (bad connections being the top culprit!). So, what you can do is create a perfect presentation with your slides, video and narration etc and put it all in a single video.

Now, you can use that video as your actual EverWebinar.

But, here’s the kicker:

You STILL get to live chat with your attendees, thanks to the best webinar software .. the EverWebinar control panel.

So, it’s like doing a live webinar as if you’re actually in the room, but not having to worry about the video and audio itself – it just plays off of wherever you’ve hosted it.


Of course, if you’re not too inclined to do that, this next feature will blow you away…

Social Proof With Automated Chat

The chat window is a great way to have people ask questions. It’s also a good way to present FAQs, quick notes about your video, quips about the content and so on.

EverWebinar lets you upload a pre-written chat where you can have a simulated conversation. This could come from your actual webinar, or you could take the common questions you know people have and convert that into a chat. This way, when people see the video, they also notice the content via chat and it helps to add social proof.

Easy Product Offers For GREAT Sales:

Webinars are crazy sales machines. You’re showing them a lot of great content, people are listening in closely, you have their full attention and you’re delivering crazy value. This is how sales get done, right?

With EverWebinar, you can add any number of offers to display during your presentation. You just need to set up what it’s going to be called, the payment link and when it should appear:

What’s even better is that you CLOSE the offer at a fixed time by adding an urgency timer, adding that extra “oomph” to the whole thing.

Insightful Analytics:

Any marketing platform must have a powerful analytics built-in, because this data is extremely important for your future strategy.

Mike & Andy have taken that into consideration, and EverWebinar gives you a lot of detailed analytics about your webinar.

You can of course see how many visited your registration page, how many signed up and how many attended the actual webinar.

But, it also goes on to show you a lot of other stuff…

So you can know how long the webinar was (which you do already), how much time people spent in the webinar on average, when did you have the most attendees, and how they came in and left over time, whether your offers were clicked and so on.

This is GOLDEN and valuable information, as you can probably guess.

What’s cool that you can also download a list of attendees based on any of those criteria, so you can follow up with them later on (say, someone who clicked on the offer link but didn’t buy could be sent a special bonus if they do)

And So Much More…Automated email notifications, SMS reminders, polls and surveys, registration page templates that convert… you name it – EverWebinar has truly got it all.

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