Need a space heater for your room? Here are some useful tips for you

Need a space heater for your room? Here are some useful tips for you

The winter chills can make it impossible to stay warm even inside the room. But you can take care of that now with the help of a space heater. These heaters come in various shapes and forms. You can install it in a convenient nook to increase the temperature to a comfortable level without having to lose your sleep over expensive energy bills in the cold seasons. The electric models that offer digital temperature controls and automatic swings make the entire heating experience even more enjoyable.

Since the choices are plenty, you can find it overwhelming to pick one from them. However, you don’t need to stress over it as there are ways to figure out a desirable solution. For example, ask a few basic questions, such as which heater can warm up my space quickly, how much it will impact my energy bills, etc. After that, you should think about their additional features. In this article, you can learn about things that can help you purchase the right space heater for your need.

Different types of heaters

Convection, infrared, oil-filled, and micathermic are some of the standard choices in heaters. Convection heaters spread warm air uniformly in the rooms with the help of an electric coil powered by electricity. Radiant heaters are suitable for smaller rooms that need spot heating. They send a steady wave of heat to warm your body quickly. Also known as radiators, oil-filled heaters operate on electricity to heat the oil and from there, the place. Micathermic heaters combine the convection and radiant heating technologies for a faster impact.

Energy-efficient features

You would not want your utility bills to increase to an extent where it starts pinching you. So, before you buy any model, compare their energy efficiency levels. Size of the heater can be a crucial factor here. Additionally, look for thermostat controls, energy-saver, low energy consumption rate, timers, and other such functions in a space heater that can keep your bills from rising.

Safety points

Portable heaters can cause fire easily. That’s why manufacturers also provide advanced features that can take care of the safety and security of the users. For example, some heaters can automatically turn off to avoid overheating, while others come with trip-over protection to tackle this issue. In some models, both these settings are available.

Heating requirement

Another critical aspect to consider about a space heater is its heating capacity and the size of the room where it needs to operate. You can follow the wattage rating to understand it. Usually, you need 10 watts per square foot of the space. Going by that, you can get a 1,500-watt heater for a room sprawling over 150 square feet for additional heating. Since it is a general guideline, you should go into the specifics for higher benefits, such as indoor temperature, portable heating model, usage, and others.

Keep these things in mind while shopping for a room heater. Some heaters tend to be noisy, especially the fan-based ones. So, remember this point also if you prefer a quiet environment to sleep.

You can explore the best space heaters for your bedroom – our top picks and buyer’s guide for handy suggestions.




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