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About The Angel Scrolls

The Angel Scrolls began as a study of mysterious communications I was receiving while recording a budgie (budgerigar/parakeet) named Victor. No matter how impossible it seemed, his communications demonstrated a higher intelligence that far exceeded any animal previously known. It led me to thousands of hours of research in an area that was basically untouched by science. It enabled me to make contact with a core group of other guardians who had budgies with a higher than average vocabulary. The act of measurement and observation of what they were saying provided evidence that they all had a connection. Things rapidly evolved as these other budgies began speaking intelligently and communicating their own thoughts as well. The two budgies I was guardian for were Victor and Maylor and they began to demonstrate their own belief systems about God, the universe, the afterlife and even how it all relates to quantum mechanics.
The theories and conclusions I provide in this forum did not come easy. For the most part, they are not currently supported by scientific formulas or widely accepted because they exhibit strange and often spooky examples of things that are not part of the physical realm. However, the recordings, in particular, contain hundreds, if not thousands of examples of how the angelic realm can communicate and even enter our reality. Many of you will be able to experience and witness it for yourselves here.

If you spend some time listening to the videos, you will see how it seems to break all the rules of natural law. Especially when both Victor and I are speaking intelligently in reverse as well. So no matter how you look at it, it does provide indisputable examples of paranormal events including prophecy. The intensity of it has sent me on an alternate path of discovery that is far more bizarre than I ever imagined. Throughout this journey, I, as well as others, have witnessed the existence of a supreme intelligence, one that I prefer to call "God." More so, I have recently become aware of how it is supported by one of the weirdest, yet highly respected, scientific fields called "Quantum Mechanics." The past and continuing documentation of my experiences in relationship to this research is called "The Angel Scrolls."

In short, The Angel Scrolls is this knowledge and information that has been passed on to me in a miraculous way from the consciousness of God. It provides a new way of discovering what God wants us to know and how it relates to the purpose and survival of humanity. Our goal is to get a core group of caring people to join this forum and experience the miracle first hand as we connect to the angels in heaven

Recent Press Releases of The Angel Scrolls

Hidden Messages Found In Budgie’s Reverse Speech

Hidden Messages Found In Budgie’s Reverse Speech

May 31, 2017 - The Angel Scrolls (Press Release) - Ryan B. Reynolds, the founder of The Angel Scrolls website and YouTube channel, has been translating budgerigar (budgie) speech for almost 20 years. He was the guardian of two budgies, Victor and Maylor, who developed unlimited vocabularies. After working thousands…


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