Our Picks For Best Professional Sports For Fans To Win Money On

Our Picks For Best Professional Sports For Fans To Win Money On

If you’re an avid sports fan and have never taken your level of fandom up to making money predicting the scores and odds of your favorite sporting events, then have you ever truly dabbled in the world of pro sports? Yes, betting on sports is no easy task, there’s a lot of knowledge, patience and bumps along the road to deal with in order to start seeing those big bucks rolling in, but that by no means makes it an impossible feat.

Let’s say you’re a fan of team sports like football, baseball, soccer or basketball. Maybe you’re a fan of individual sports like racing, human, car, horse, you name it, if they race, you can wager on it, or tennis. Who knows, maybe your fandom goes into full gear with combat sports like boxing, mma fights or wrestling. Whatever preference a sports fan may have, there is surely a way to bet on its action and make some serious money if done well. So here we bring you our picks for the best pro sports for fans to win money betting on them.


Football, or soccer as it’s known mainly in the US, is the most popular sport in the world, which automatically makes it one of the most sought after sports to wager on. Given that unlike other sports, soccer is played all over the world, with tournaments and competitions from all levels, in a national and club perspective going all year round, the options to bet on and win money with soccer matches has become one of the most popular betting activities for sports aficionados everywhere. The popularity of the sport is so big, that nowadays many of the world’s top leading online betting companies in the world go as far as to endorse professional sports teams in some of the most important leagues in the world to pony up on the sport’s massive reach and popularity.

Now, there is a vast array of options when it comes to betting on soccer. You can bet on the result of the match, be it in a winning or losing effort, but take into account that unlike many other mainstream team sports around, with soccer you can bet on matches ending up in a tie as well. You can also wager on the total numbers of goals scored by each competing team individually as well as by both of them, the number of goals scored in each half, the winners of competitions and tournaments, basically with soccer you can bet on almost all of the action that happens on and off the pitch.

American Football

If we’re going to talk about soccer, we might as well also include it’s most famous relative, American football. College and professional football take the cake in the US as the two most sought after sports for fans to wager on, given all the commodities and loopholes that the sport itself offers its fans. If you’re still wondering just how important betting on college football or NFL action can be, especially in the USA, it’s been said that Super Bowl day is the most important and busy day for football betting related operations all-around with massive streams of money being put into play.

Just like with soccer, the options to bet on in football seem almost endless. Fans can bet on straight up results of games, overs and unders of points scored, action happening in every single quarter of the game, favorite teams to win their respective divisions, conferences and the Super Bowl amongst many other options. With the US finally finishing the legalization of sports betting activities across most of the country, it’s only a matter of time for college football and NFL betting to take off even stronger than right now.


If there is one industry in the sports world that just screams out betting and making big money, it’s the professional mixed martial arts competition industry. Wagering on events from companies like K1, Bellator and of course UFC is one of the most exciting ventures to dive into when thinking about wanting to make money betting on sports.

Unlike with team sports and activities, here you bet on how good fighters will fare in each of their respective fights. Fans are able to bet on fight results, round by round results, future winners, championship odds and many other categories across the board. The key to winning when betting on MMA action, as well as with other sports is to always have all the necessary info and knowledge on the picks in order to maximize your earnings. Simply put, if you’re going to do it, go for the knockout, don’t go to get knocked out.




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