Planning a Business Trip the Right Way: A PR Guide

Planning a Business Trip the Right Way: A PR Guide

Whether your upcoming business trip consists of just you or a whole team, you need to think hard about how you can best represent your company. After all, when you’re on a business trip, you are an ambassador. You are also a leader. This is especially true if you are traveling with a team to work on a project. How you plan, conduct, and master your business trip will have severe repercussions on your and your company’s reputation. You want to promote yourself as a great leader, a great employer, and a great business partner or company.

You can do it all with the right conduct, which is why it’s essential to follow this guide before you take off:


1.    Finding the Right Accommodation

Your team need to all be located in one space and well accommodated. This could mean renting out a few short-term apartments that include kitchen space if you will be there on a long-term basis, or finding a good group deal on accommodation at a hotel. When traveling to a new city, it is important to know your options. For example, if you travel to London, you can save a lot on your budget by opting for a hotel just outside of the city center. It can take you less than thirty minutes to get to where you need to be, but because you aren’t in Zone 1 or 2, the costs per room are much less.

2.    Finding the Right Office Space

For long-term projects, you will likely need to find your own office space in order to work productively. This is especially important if the extra space your client has isn’t enough. Thankfully, there are many great co-working opportunities in every city, so you and your team can be stationed in an excellent office for however long you need.

3.    Feeding Your Team

It is a good idea to allow for a meal budget so that your employees have the freedom to head out and enjoy food in their own time. You can offer this four times a week, for example, but do try to have at least one team meal to bring everyone together.

If your team is going into overtime, however, and need to work through lunch, then you should provide everything for them. This means healthy snacks like fruit all the way to comfort food from establishments like that will allow your team to customize their meals.

4.    Doing More with Your Business Trip

When on a business trip, especially if you are there for longer than a week, you should take the opportunity to find great networking opportunities for you and your team, and ways to improve your team’s dynamic. You can do this by:

•    Finding great industry-relevant events to attend

•    Developing fun team-building activities

•    Going for a night out

•    Planning small excursions that your team can join you on

When you are on a business trip, you have the opportunity to solidify your own reputation and your company’s. That is why you need to go above and beyond to showcase the right image and to promote yourself through your actions.

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