Play these scratch card games to win easy money

Play these scratch card games to win easy money

It doesn’t take a genius to guess the reason behind the popularity of the scratch card games. Anyone can play them. They are entertaining, easy to understand and don’t require any planning and plotting to win. Seldom can people have the capacity to use their brains after working hard all day at their jobs? So won’t it be fun to play something that can be engaging and exciting? Scratch card games are exactly that, and they are fun and exciting.

What are scratch card games?

Scratch card games are the online version of the lottery and arcade games. Few of them offer instant money by just scratching the card as we do in the lottery. Few games involve completing simple tasks that pay cash at random.

Which are the most entertaining scratch card games?

Are you wondering out of the million options available online and offline, which scratch card games should you play? We understand there are so many options that one has to choose from. It can feel overwhelming. Even if you want to try them all (and you should they are enjoyable), you need to start somewhere, and that can feel confusing too.

So for all you confuse heads, we have curated a list of top 3 scratch card games that are stress-free and amusing to play.

Deal no deal

Remember the popular game show? It’s online now. Deal no deal has enjoyed a very massive fan following, and we promise you the online version is just as entertaining.

How to play deal no deal?

Just like the game show, there are 22 boxes on display. At the start, you have to select your stake and choose a lucky briefcase. The player then scratches random panels to match the cash price on offer. So say the bet is of R.S 50000, you have to select five boxes with that symbol. You get offered various deals and swaps in between. This game offers multiple possibilities and options, making it a player favourite.

Raid the piggy bank

Remember the piggy bank you had as a kid? Filling in money that you find lying around the house, or the ones that were given to you by your relatives. Remember the happiness when you were allowed to open it and buy your favorite things? This game will bring back the same nostalgia.

How to play this scratch card online?

It’s a no brainer game. All you have to do is scratch the cute little pink piggy.

Your aim should be to match 3 hidden coins of the same value. Basically, go on a streak and pray to get lucky.

The stake is as low as 20-25 rupees, and you stand a chance to win up to 20 lakh rupees. Now those are the odds one can get on-board for.

Fruity flurry

The yummy fruits that provide you lots of nutrients and vitamins will now give you a chance to win lots and lots of money. Cool right? The fruits that were good for your health can now be good for your pockets too.

How to play fruity flurry?

This game generally has 9 grids or scratch cards with hidden fruits.

When you scratch the girds the hidden fruits are revealed. You need to try and match the same three fruits at your first 3 scratches.

Don’t get disheartened; even if you don’t pick the right ones, you still have a chance to win some money.

The bet costs around 65 rupees, and you stand a chance to win up to 40 lakh rupees. Whoa, what?

There are many more games for you to explore, and now with online scratch card games, you can play and win anytime. Plus, the money you win is always sweeter than the money you earn, right?



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