Pristyn Care – Providing Solution for Gallstones within a Day

Pristyn Care – Providing Solution for Gallstones within a Day

Can you believe gallstones can be removed in one day? This is possible at Pristyn Care. Gallstones are supersaturated solid deposits of bile in the gallbladder. They can be small as grain and as large as a golf ball and vary in number. The surgeons can remove gallstones within few hours with the most advanced technology called laparoscopic surgery. The gallbladder is removed to get rid of the gallstones. This process is known as a cholecystectomy.

What are the Symptoms of Gallstones?

Most of the times gallstones do not show any symptoms for gallstones because they stay in the gallbladder and cause no pain or discomfort. But the gallstones may lead to an inflamed gallbladder. The most common symptom is the pain in the abdomen that gets worse. It occurs in the upper-right section of the abdomen. The pain may radiate to back and shoulder. Other symptoms include

  • Nausea or vomiting: These are common symptoms in the gallbladder problem. Chronic gallbladder issues may cause problems such as acid reflux or gas.
  • Fever and chills: Infection in the gallbladder may lead to fever and can become severe if it spreads to the other part of the body.
  • Chronic diarrhea: For more than a month if an individual has more than four bowel movements, it may be a symptom of chronic gallbladder disease.
  • Jaundice: skin turning yellow may be the sign of the bile duct getting blocked
  • Grey colored stool and dark colored urine is also a symptom of bile duct block.

Pristyn Care expert Explains the Cause of Gallstones

Bile is the digestive fluid produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder. It is transferred to the small intestine where it breaks the food and helps in digestion. The gallstones are formed due to an imbalance in the bile concentration. Cholesterol stones are formed when bile has too much cholesterol.

The other reason that the doctor at Pristyn Care mentioned is the difficulty to empty the gallbladder completely.

Women are more likely to develop gallstones due to excess estrogen from pregnancy, birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy which may increase cholesterol levels. Obesity is again the important reason for gallstones formation in the body. Even if there is a sudden weight loss, it can lead to gallstones. Pristyn Care has the solution to all these problems.

The specialists perform surgery to remove the gallbladder (cholecystectomy) which is the most advanced way to cure gallstones. This is done by a well-established laparoscopic method which is now the ‘Gold Standard’. The surgery is called “Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy” (Lap. Chole). The surgeon makes a few tiny holes in the abdomen and inserts surgical instruments and a telescope-like instrument with a video camera on top into the abdomen. The camera sends a magnified image from inside the body to a monitor, giving the surgeon a close-up view of the organs and tissues. The surgeon uses the instruments to carefully separate the gallbladder from the liver, ducts and vessels, watching it on the screen. The gallbladder is then removed for gallstones removal through one of the small incisions. As there is no damage during laparoscopic surgery, patients have less pain and negligible wound complications.

Is it Possible to Live without a Gallbladder?

Removal of the gallbladder is important and human can live without a gallbladder. When the liver produces bile, it sends directly to the small intestine because the gallbladder is removed. Yes, the body may take some time to adjust with the new changes but it is possible. You are still able to digest your food. However, too much fatty, greasy, or high-fiber food is difficult to digest. This can result in gas, bloating, and diarrhea. You just have to make some lifestyle and dietary changes.

  • Limiting your fat intake
  • Eat regularly and take small meals all day
  • Limit fiber-rich food
  • Limit caffeinated drinks
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects and avoid physical exertion

Usually, people recover completely within two weeks after the surgery.

Laparoscopy is a daycare procedure where the patient is discharged from the hospital within a few hours after the surgery. According to Pristyn care experts, laparoscopic gallbladder surgery is an effective technique for the following reasons:

  • Daycare procedure
  • Very less pain after the surgery
  • Shorter recovery time as compared to open surgery
  • Hassle-free experience
  • Excellent cosmetic results

This healthcare provider takes regular follow-ups to ask for the recovery or any concerns. A diet chart and some exercises are instructed post-surgery. If the patient follows the instructions as prescribed, the recovery is faster.

Patient care and accelerated recovery are the prime focus which makes it one of the excellent healthcare centers for advanced treatments and laparoscopic surgeries. The advantages of getting treatment at Pristyn Care include:

  • Free post-surgery follow-ups
  • A 24×7 care buddy from Pristyn Care is appointed to take care of the patient
  • In the case of surgery, they provide pick and drop facility to the patient
  • Highly skilled and experienced doctors with advanced technology
  • No cost EMI payment option


So, book an appointment with Pristyn Care that provides a solution for gallstones within a day with the most advanced laparoscopic surgery. Mention the symptoms you are experiencing, list of all the medicines that you are taking, any medical history and any supplements that you are taking.



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