Should I Be Betting the Maximum in Slots?

Should I Be Betting the Maximum in Slots?

When discussing slot machines (both online and located in real halls), one of the most popular topics is the maximum bet. You can often hear the arguments of avid gamblers about how often you need to press the “Max Bet” button and whether it is worth doing it at all – play online slots.

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to these questions because everything depends on the type of slot machine you are playing with. In the text below, we will try to consider three main types of slots and try to figure out if the max betting strategy works out or not but first, let’s find out what max bet is and how you can make it on a slot machine.

What is Max Bet on Slot Machines?

If you are new to online slots and you might not know what the maximum bet is or how to make it while playing on the slot. It’s essentially an on slots’ control panel button labelled as “Max Bet”. Pressing this button during the spins will automatically wager the highest amount of coins or credits allowed for this slot. For instance, a slot is playable for bets ranging between $1 and $100, and you are currently playing at $1 per spin, but you want to increase your stakes to the maximum limits. So, instead of increasing the bet manually, you can press the ‘Max Bet’ button, and your stakes will automatically be raised to $100 for the next spin.

Impact of Max Bets on Different Type of Slot Machines

Now we will discuss the types of slot machines and the expediency of the maximum bet on them.

Classic Slot Machines

In traditional slot machines, it is not always necessary to place the maximum bet, but more often than not, there is a certain benefit in this. Consider the following example. In many slots, the same combination of symbols can be paid in different ways: 3 Cherries might pay 100 coins for a one-coin bet, and the same three Cherries might pay 200 for a bet of 2 coins.

You don’t need to have a PhD in mathematics to figure out how much more profitable it is to bet 2 (Max Bet) coins on these machines.

However, a significantly increased payout at the maximum bet can usually only be seen on large combinations as low paying symbols don’t impact the changing stakes.

Progressive Slots

In Progressive Slots, the maximum bet is simply mandatory because it guarantees you to receive the entire jackpot amount if you win. Conversely, if you bet less than the top and collect the required symbols on the screen, you will receive only a tiny part of the total. Besides, you can’t trigger a jackpot in some slots unless you play at the highest stakes and playing a Progressive slot without aiming for the jackpot is not worth it.

In general, playing progressive jackpot slots is only worth it when you are pursuing the jackpot. If you don’t see the jackpots coming, switch to a basic slot.

Bonus Slots

It all depends on the specific conditions of the game and the paytable on each machine. For example, some machines carry the previous bets into the bonus game. For instance, if you are entering a Free Spin round and your previous bet was 1 coin, then the stakes for the whole Free Spin round will be fixed at one coin per spin. Therefore, in this case, the Max Bet options can prove to be highly profitable.

Multi-Line Slots

When playing Multi-Line Slots (slots with plenty of paylines), it is better to bet high as possible. It is because, in most cases, each additional coin activates an additional payline.

In addition, the most significant jackpots are available only on certain lines, which are opened only when playing at the maximum stakes. Therefore, by playing at lower stakes, you might lose a lot of opportunities. So, Max Bets, in this case, are almost mandatory.


Whether you should be playing at the maximum stakes or not depends on the game you choose to play. Therefore, we would recommend you study the gameplay’s rules and characteristics carefully before starting your session and adjust your bets accordingly. Having done that, it will be easier to determine whether you need to bet to the maximum to get the entire jackpot and enjoy various bonuses. However, if you find a slot machine in which you need to play to the maximum, but you cannot afford it, it is better to look for a similar one, but with lower stakes.



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