I want you to imagine this – You’re using a Nokia 1100 in 2019.

So, now, you cannot update your Instagram because the phone doesn’t feature a camera. There’s no Siri to tell you your schedule of the day. There’s no WhatsApp, obviously. There are no google maps to guide you through your journey. You cannot know your nearby restaurants. Basically, you cannot do any of your otherwise regular activities.

How does that feel?  Scary?

By using traditional landlines, and not switching to VoIP, you’re doing something similar to your business.

Digital is the future.

Digitalization has changed the dynamics of the world. With changing needs, we need to keep changing our ways. And the one who doesn’t do that loses the game. So, how can we afford not to upgrade our business technologies?


The world is changing; let us know how

PROBLEM 1 – Customer convenience-

There has been a tremendous change in customer behavior. Convenience has taken the front seat. Customers, in today’s day and age, not only want the best but also want it at their own convenience. If businesses want to succeed, they cannot miss out on this. They need to be present for their customers, as and when required.

SOLUTION 1- A virtual phone system lets your business function 24*7*365. So, whenever your customers contact you, someone will always be there to attend them. Calls are always attended, as an unanswered call on one answering point, immediately reaches another answering point.

PROBLEM 2- Customer engagement –

One of the most crucial transitions for businesses has been from customer service to customer engagement. It is not enough to serve the customer; businesses now need to engage them. Customers need to know that they are valued.

SOLUTION 2 – A call center software makes sure that your customers feel important. Your customers are always informed about the call-waiting duration, the call queuing feature makes sure of that. Also, with the software, when an existing customer calls, the call agent can cater to the problems in a personalized manner, as he can get all the details, including the history of the customer on his screen.

PROBLEM 3 – Business continuity –

Even if your business communication operations are going smoothly right now, it is dangerous to assume that the situations will always remain favorable. For this, businesses all over the world are coming up with solutions that will ensure that their business continues even in case of adversities.

SOLUTION 3 – With virtual phone number, your business will very well be able to function even without a physical office. There will be no equipment required other than an internet connection and your laptop or smartphone to serve your customers.

PROBLEM 4 – Remote workers-

The world is furiously moving towards gig-economy. More and more people are ditching their jobs and choosing to become freelancers or solopreneurs. That means your business should know how to survive outside your office boundaries

SOLUTION 4 – VoIP allows your team members to connect with your customers from anywhere in the world. All they need is an internet connection and an international VoIP office number. When a customer calls at your VoIP office phone number, the remote workers can answer them from their smartphones, from any corner of the world.

PROBLEM 5 – Competitive edge-

Business competition has become fierce than ever before. If you do not provide your customers with optimal solutions; someone else will. If your competitors are never missing their customers’ calls, and you’re missing even 2 out of 10; you need to revise your methods.  So, you need to know and understand what technologies your competitors are utilizing, and should strive to have the most updated solution for your customers’ problems.

SOLUTION 5 – VoIP is the leading communication solution in the market today. Unlike traditional landlines, when a customer calls an online phone number, the call can reach multiple answer points, making sure it will always be received. Also, VoIP allows the addition of up to 100 people on a conference call that a traditional landline user cannot even dream of.

PROBLEM 6 – Productivity –

Technology is there to ease things for you. You shouldn’t be bothering about business operations that no longer require human assistance. You can achieve high productivity not only by doing your tasks efficiently but also by knowing what tasks you actually need to do.

SOLUTION 6 – VoIP comes wrapped with an IVR feature that guides your customers to the required departments. It can also record and monitor calls and help in agents’ performance analysis, which can, in turn, lead to enhanced productivity. Also, by moving your communications into the cloud, your IT team will be free to focus on more pressing problems.

Efficient communication becomes a no-brainer, only after you’ve worked smartly on it. In order to survive in the long run, it’s time you understand and keep up with your business needs.

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