Things to know before you start casino games online in India

Things to know before you start casino games online in India

Navigating the online casino world is an adventure in itself. While many rewarding opportunities are waiting to be explored – like every coin, this part too has two sides. Along with the fun, entertainment and prize money, there are certain legalities and cautions that one needs to keep in mind before jumping right into the world of online casino games.


To ensure that your online gambling experience is a positive one and that you make the best out of your wagered money, keep reading to understand specific rules and tips to navigate India’s online casino world successfully.


Rules to keep in mind while playing on an online casino website:


1.    Play with a legal and licensed online casino website

There are multiple online casinos available now on the internet. But it would help if you were wise while picking out a casino to play. Not all casinos are licensed or legal, which can be an obstacle when you are trying to withdraw your winnings. Before you pick a casino, make sure it has all the required licenses to operate in your country and state.


2.    Use your information to create an online account on the casino website

People sometimes use false identities to play online casino for multiple reasons, but this practice can have serious repercussions. While you may create an online account with a fake identity – it will be complicated to withdraw your winnings from that account. Online casinos trigger KYC when the player wants to draw the money – any faults found in the identity-and block the payment.


So make sure you use your own identity to create your account on an online casino website.


1.    Read through the terms and conditions of the bonuses offered by the website.


Don’t marvel and get hypnotized by the lucrative bonuses offered by the casinos. Many casinos offer attractive bonuses that have a long list of terms and conditions in the fine print. Use bonuses that are beneficial for you. Read through the terms and conditions before depositing your money to uncap the bonus.


2.    Only make deposits with the payments methods that are in your name


Another essential aspect to remember while making a deposit is using payment methods in your name. If you make a payment using someone else’s account or card, then the casino can use that as a ground to delete the account. Using someone else card’s for making a deposit can also be grounds for the casino not to pay out your winnings. So make sure you only use payment methods that are in your name.


Tips to keep in mind while playing on an online casino.


1.    Learn to plan your casino budget and stick to it


New players often mistake getting carried away and going over the budget when they are losing money. Doing so can hamper your casino experience. Always plan your budget – i.e. before you sit for your gaming session. Stop your games as soon as your pre-decided budget is over. Never make the mistake of chasing your losses – you will end up losing more. Winning casino games require 50% skills and 50% luck – if you are not having a lucky day, there is no point in losing more money.


2.    Practice free demo games before you play for actual money


As mentioned earlier – winning casino games involves 50% skills. If you want to win, it only makes sense for you to brush up on your skills. Many casinos offer free demo versions of the game. Practice those games and make sure you are well versed with the gameplay. This will increase your chances of winning when you play with actual money.


3.    Learn the basic strategies of casino games


Games like poker, teen patti, blackjack have specific basic strategies. They have a card that mentions the most optimum response to a pair of cards drawn in front of you. Learning basic strategy increases your chances of winning the game and lowers the house edge. When it comes to games like roulette, understand the different kinds of bets you can place to increase your chances of winning the game.


4.    Avoid drinking while playing online casino games


Alcohol can influence decision-making and not in a good way. You can get carried away and make poor decisions while under the influence of alcohol. When you are playing online casino games, make sure you are sober to get the maximum benefit out of your wagered money.




Although casinos always have a house edge – if you play smartly and follow the rules, you will be surprised to know just how much money you can win. Plan ahead and stick to your budget. Explore different games to keep the entertainment going. Follow our tips to get the most out of your casino experience.



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