Things To Take Care While Buying Comforters Online

Things To Take Care While Buying Comforters Online

A good night’s sleep should naturally follow a hard day’s work – but does it? Your nightly sleep is often disturbed by a lumpy mattress, a poorly made blanket and uneven temperature conditions in your room. Sometimes the AC makes the room too cold, sometimes the ceiling fan keeps blowing humid air around the room – both wake you up and make you toss and turn in bed.

You sleep best when you are cocooned inside a toasty, cosy comforter. You owe yourself a good night’s sleep to be able to function properly the next day and maintain good health. Disturbed sleep causes your focus to dip, and also headaches, lethargy and general fogginess. Step #1 in getting restful sleep is to buy a dohar online from a leading brand. This is how you do it:

1. Check if you need to buy a new comforter, and if this is the best time

A comforter is often thicker and fluffier than a blanket – that’s what makes it so cosy and helps it adhere to your body contours while you sleep. With the right care and maintenance, it should be able to maintain its form and colouring for at least 10 years after purchase. You need a new one if your current comforter is lumpy, or if the top cover is torn, or if you are just tired of its faded patterns and design. The best time to buy a new dohar or comforter is during the summer season, when the demand for this product is low. However, top bed linen brands in India offer year-round discounts on their comforter sets, so pick a time and price that suits you.

2. Study its specifications and ask questions

Leading brands list their entire stock online for customers to study the product in detail before making the purchase. Information about the product is laid out in an easy format, listing the product size, material, price, care instructions, etc. However, some specific details may be missing, namely if the product is hypoallergenic, if the material and packaging are ecologically sourced, if any pesticides and fertilisers went into harvesting the cotton that produced the comforter, if down or synthetic fibres are used in the dohar filling, and so on. Ask your specific queries to the brand’s online chat bot or request a call back. You can proceed with the purchase only if your questions are properly answered. Knowing what you are buying will help you make an informed decision and prevent instances of allergies, skin rashes, breathing disorders, etc.

3. Study the product dimensions, photographs, etc.

The online brand will offer multiple photographs of the comforter. You can zoom into these images to see the designs up close, and even study the thread count and product construction in detail. Check the comforter size (single or double), how many pieces you need, if there are any colour options in the same pattern, if the dohar can be delivered to your PIN code, etc. At this time, also check the brand’s return and exchange policy so there are no disputes or confusion later.

4. Study the care and maintenance instructions

The manufacturer must specify the washing and care instructions for the product on the site. If these are absent, ask specific questions about how to wash the comforter, if any preferred detergents or fabric softeners must be used, if the product may be dry cleaned/dried in a dryer after washing, if the comforter may be dried in sunlight or not, etc. Also find out how to store it safely, and care instructions for mouldy, wet weather. Generally, the product must be able to withstand deep cleaning in the washing machine and be easy to maintain. If the care and maintenance instructions are too long and complicated, it is best to go with another product or manufacturer. But do remember that following the instructions diligently keeps the comforter set in good condition for years.

5. Check payment options online.

By now, you have probably added the comforter(s) you wish to buy in your online shopping cart. Once your cart is final, you can proceed to checkout and pay for your purchase(s). We recommend choosing online payment options (net banking, UPI, NEFT, debit/credit cards) over COD (Cash On Delivery) to minimise contact with delivery staff in COVID-19 times. Choose the online payment option best suited to you, and proceed to pay.

Once you finish paying, the online store sends you an email and SMS confirmation about your purchase. You may retain the invoice for accounting purposes, or till the product is delivered to you safely and correctly. Once delivered, take care to sanitise the package thoroughly before opening it. Now go ahead and enjoy a great night’s sleep for several years with your beautiful new comforter.




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