USA To Spend Over $3 Million Investigating CBD

USA To Spend Over $3 Million Investigating CBD

CBD has quickly become one of the most significant health and wellness trends in America, and now the US government have decided to spend around $3 million to find out if the cannabis plant comes with any health benefits.

So far, nine grants have been issued to researchers across the US, and they will be looking at CBD and how it can affect the body. There will be no research into THC (the component that makes you high), as many studies have already looked at the effects of THC, and the results found that the drug is usually too addictive to be used as medication.

The findings of these studies could have a massive impact on healthcare across the US. This is because millions of American people are already self-medicating with marijuana, despite some confusing and often contradictory evidence about its side effects.

Why Research CBD?

CBD is an interesting compound that may have the ability to help with a range of health issues. Various small studies have taken place to see if CBD is an effective form of treatment, and many of the people who enrolled in the studies said that CBD helped them with their chronic pain. This is significant to the US government, as millions of American citizens live with chronic pain every day. This can be debilitating and even life-threatening, so it is essential to research viable medications for chronic pain.In fact, millions of people are already using CBD to treat their chronic pain. This may be helpful to them, but it is slightly concerning as little research has been done into how effective CBD can be for managing pain. If it is a placebo, there is no reason to prescribe it, but if it is effective, it could be used as a natural form of medication that is approved by the FDA.

If you want to grow your own CBD, you can find CBD hemp seeds for sale online. This is an excellent hobby for gardening enthusiasts, and it means you can be 100% sure that your product is natural and pure. This also tends to be cheaper than buying CBD supplements from a health store.

Studies Taking Place In 2020

Many federal agencies are openly supporting the decision to spend more time researching CBD.Dr. Judith Hellman from the University of California, San Francisco, is the head of one study, and she has said that she is very excited to be a part of the research project. And it isn’t hard to see why; millions of people are already using CBD on a daily basis, and technically they are self-medicating with a product that we know little about.

However, human test subjects will actually only be used in one of the research projects. This project will be taking place at the University of Utah, and participants will have their brains scanned to see if CBD is effective for lower back pain. Other studies will be taking place on test subjects such as rats and mice.



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