Welcome to the new era of Digital Marketing

Welcome to the new era of Digital Marketing

Marketing has changed tremendously in the past decade. Although it’s still about connecting with your (prospective) customers and crafting powerful messages, its method of delivery has undergone a metamorphosis. And at this point in history, the marketing game is now heavily played in the arena called the internet.

In this day and age, everyone—young and old—spend so much time on the internet. As a result, digital marketing disrupted the game and then built an impregnable stronghold. Consequently, the new era has begun: digital marketing is getting stronger than ever.

But what exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing (aka internet marketing) can be defined simply as any form of marketing done online. It involves all marketing efforts, which uses the internet or electronic devices. Digital marketing has a spectrum of tactics that includes the following, among others:

●    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

●    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

●    Social Media Marketing

●    Content Marketing

●    Email Marketing

●    Affiliate Marketing

●    Pay-per-Click Campaign (PPC)

●    Marketing Automation

●    Inbound Marketing

●    Others


Digital marketing in its entirety is indispensable. It is currently the most effective form of marketing, which when managed properly, generates impressive results.

It allows marketers to accurately measure results in real time. And unlike traditional marketing, it has a surefire way to track and monitor the effectiveness of each marketing campaign. In short, there is straightforwardness in measuring the ROI to the marketing and advertising efforts made.

Furthermore, start-ups and SMEs, in particular, should start taking advantage of digital marketing because:

●    It levels the playing field between the small and big businesses, since such distinction is erased when effective strategies are implemented.

●    It is more affordable compared to traditional marketing.

●    It can exponentially increase brand visibility and awareness in a short amount of time.

●    It provides a good platform to reach and interact with target audience.


So for your business to stay competitive, you must start implementing strategic digital marketing plans the soonest possible. And if you’re already into digital marketing, make sure that your tactics suits your business.

It is also important that you are knowledgeable of the latest trends and you know how to integrate it into your marketing. Read on below for a quick rundown of the latest digital marketing trends that promises tremendous growth, highest conversion rate and ROI.


Omnichannel Marketing

The buzzword term “omnichannel” means a strategy that combines all the available marketing channels. It uses both digital, traditional or offline form of marketing.

Omnichannel marketing is a very disrupted trend in terms of its effectiveness. It provides a better customer experience due to consistent communication by utilising all available channels to reach prospects and customers.



Chatbots are advanced software that acts as a digital concierge. It can provide customer service and hold a basic communication with customers (through text chat or verbal).

You need to watch out for this trend or better yet, start using one as more and more companies use bots to better serve clients while at the same time saving resources. Chatbots can give a quick personalized response and are much cheaper than hiring a support person.


Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are a product of AI. But there’s more to this cutting edge technology. AI is largely developed now to aid several business industries’ operations, especially in the field of marketing and advertising.

AI is a computer system that can gather facts and perform tasks that usually require human intelligence and manual (laborious) input. Marketers can greatly benefit from AI since it can help automate repetitive tasks and accurately gather, analyze and evaluate data. Currently, AI is applied to content marketing, customer service, research, and others.


Video Marketing

Video is also a top-tier effective digital marketing tool. A good video production — specifically one that is informative, engaging, and entertaining — can generate impressive gains. YouTube is still the most popular platform, however you shouldn’t neglect social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Live streaming

Live video combined with influencer marketing is also a huge hit. An influencer who live streams and interacts via direct comments is a big draw for an audience. This is because the spontaneity of live streaming creates an authentic and more relatable experience.


Email Marketing Automation and Personalization

Email marketing offers higher conversion rate and ROI compared to other channels. Therefore, you should never neglect it. Email marketing automation combined with personalization will also pave the way to better customer experience, increased brand loyalty, and brand consistency.

So to improve your business’ email communications, you must make sure that your customers email data is accurate and complete. It’s necessary that you regularly validate the list of emails to ensure that your messages are sent to the recipient’s inbox instead of landing in the spam folder.

Aside from the above mentioned major trends, you should also pay attention to the following trends and innovations:

●    Voice Interaction or Voice Search

●    Native advertising

●    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

●    User-Generated Content

●    Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality


Final thoughts

To survive the new era of digital marketing, your best chance is to know the latest trends and curate a master plan that will suit your business. Failing to do so may result in losing your customers and ultimately — your revenue. When you start applying the latest marketing strategies, you will ensure both the survival of your business and its growth.


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