What Are CBD Dog Treats Actually Good For?

What Are CBD Dog Treats Actually Good For?

The CBD business keeps on expanding year after year. It’s been a while since it launched its first products made for humans and the whole industry has come a long way since then. Nowadays, humans are not the only ones who can enjoy the benefits of the amazing products made from the cannabis-based compound that goes under the name of Cannabidiol.

As you can see here, our dogs, as well as other animals, can also take advantage of some of these products, such as CBD dog treats and similar. When you first come across CBD for animals, the whole idea might seem a bit weird to you. After all, we are talking about cannabis here and it does sound a bit odd to have cannabis and animals in the same sentence.

So, before we go any further and before I start explaining what CBD dog treats are actually good for, I want to make this whole thing perfectly clear, so that you are no longer confused by the idea of cannabis and animals. I know that you might be worried about safety and I’ll try to clear up any of those confusions below. Here we go.

CBD Safety

The very first thing you have to understand is that there is a huge difference between marijuana and hemp. Hemp is, in case you didn’t know that, the plant used in the manufacturing of CBD products for animals and thus the dog treats that I have mentioned. Unlike marijuana, hemp is not psychoactive, because it contains a really low percentage of THC, i.e. less than 0.3%. I bet you are starting to see why there is no reason for concern.

There is another important thing that I need to make clear and it will definitely put your mind at ease regarding any of those safety concerns that you might have. CBD dog treats and other products for animals are made from a substance called Cannabidiol and they don’t contain any THC at all. Cannabidiol has no psychoactive properties, so there is no risk of intoxicating your pets.

The difference between these two compounds is more thoroughly explained here: https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/cbd-thc-difference

I suppose that it is now perfectly clear that CBD dog treats are safe for your pups. It’s also worth mentioning that scientists have found that there are no serious side effects of these products, just as long as you administer the right dosage. Let us now see what CBD dog treats are actually good for and why you should consider giving them to your canines.

They Can Help With Arthritis Symptoms

It’s no secret that canines, and especially older ones, are susceptible to arthritis. In the most basic sense, this is an inflammation of the joints that causes a lot of pain, stiffness and discomfort. It’s when the cartilage within a joint becomes damaged and changes, so that the bones start rubbing together, which is a rather unpleasant feeling. The disease can start off mild, but it can also come to the point where your canine is having a hard time getting up and walking.

Research has found that Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties, meaning that CBD dog treats can actually reduce the inflammation in your canine’s joints, consequently easing the discomfort that the animal might be feeling. Additionally, Cannabidiol is known for being able to ease or completely eliminate all kinds of pains, including the pain caused by arthritis. So, CBD treats can help significantly improve the quality of life of a dog suffering from arthritis by easing the symptoms and helping the animal feel much better.

They Can Reduce Anxiety

Here’s another important thing that CBD treats are good for. Anxiety disorders in canines are much more common than you might think, and the worst thing is, the animal cannot fight it all on its own. It’s up to the owner to find a way to reduce those anxious symptoms and feelings and help their pet change its destructive behavioral patterns.

There are a few different types of anxiety in canines, with separation anxiety being the most common one. You will have to observe your pet and look for any symptoms of anxiety and signs that the animal might be sending. If you notice any of those symptoms, introducing CBD treats to their daily diet should be your first step towards treating the disorder. Cannabidiol has an amazingly soothing effect, meaning that it can help your animal feel less anxious, which will result in your pet changing the destructive behaviors that might be caused by those feelings.

They Can Eliminate Seizures

If you have ever watched a dog have a seizure, you probably already know how stressful and frightening such an experience is, both for the animal and for its owner. It’s no wonder that people are desperately looking for some kind of a cure for epileptic disorders and seizures. Surely, nobody likes to watch their dogs convulsing, while not being able to help them in any particular way. Feeling hopeless in a situation like this will definitely cause even more stress.

Here’s the thing, though. You are definitely not hopeless, since CBD treats can help reduce the number of and possibly even completely eliminate epileptic seizures. Studies have shown that it has anti-seizure effects that can both make the seizures milder and a lot less frequent. That is enough to help your canine lead a better life and take the stress out of the equation both for you and for the animal.


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