What Draws Men to Gambling?

What Draws Men to Gambling?

While the competition between the genders is hotting up, there’s no doubt that men dominate the gambling industry. Research Gate goes as far as stating that wagering is a predominately male activity, even though women are beginning to enter the market more and more. This won’t surprise you because, for years, society has been told that gambling is a man’s activity. Of course, this isn’t true as anyone is welcome to play regardless of their sex. Yet, the guys continue to dominate the market and have done for some time. So, what pulls men into the activity, and why do they spend a lot of their spare time investing in the pastime?


Skill Games & Competition

It’s not only men who are competitive. Women are competitive, too, but the genders view the topic very differently. For example, the Harvard Business Review points out that women are less likely to enter a competition. On the other hand, men can be driven by their egos, which makes them highly competitive. According to the research, this feature leads to higher rates of arousal and stimulation in gamblers, two feelings that are linked with excitement and happiness. When you compare the number of skill games available on remote wagering platforms, it’s not hard to see how a guy’s ambitious edge results in increased playing times. This is highlighted by the fact that poker, a game where beating the other players is essential, is quickly becoming the most popular gambling activity for men.

Integrated Software

The online gambling industry is a prime example of a sector that uses the latest technology to its advantage. Anyone who plays online casino games will love the variation of games available – if you follow the link, you’ll see everything from Starburst to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – as well as the different payment options and increased realism. Playing remotely is very similar to a traditional establishment thanks to augmented and virtual reality headsets and live chat options. Although all users benefit from these, it’s bound to impact men the most as they are already the main demographic. As a result, the boost in integrated software, which enhances the user experience and makes it more enjoyable, is appealing to men.

The Sports Link

A factor that can’t be ignored is sports betting. Sports and men go together like peanut butter and jelly because the main consumers of sports are males. Guys are part of the reason why the global industry valuation was over $85 million last year, and why it’s expected to hit the $100 million mark within the next couple of quarters. Wagering on sports is a big deal throughout the world, as the figures prove, and it’s mostly men who participate since they are the people who are the most engaged. Considering women are 12% less likely to watch football or 14% less likely to watch baseball, it would be unusual if they gambled the most on these markets.

Men like to gamble because of the experience, the competitive element, and the relationship between betting and sports. The demand in the wagering industry among women is growing, but it is still behind the guys.


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