What to Do When You’re Bored at Night

What to Do When You’re Bored at Night

Being bored is, well, boring, and nobody likes that. It can be even worse at night. There’s more to do during the day that occupies some of your attention, but you’re less busy at night, so it’s easier to get bored. Aside from just being the opposite of fun, certain studies show boredom can also be bad for you.

How to Cure Late-Night Boredom  

“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop,” they say. Studies have shown what we all know, that people are more likely to engage in destructive habits when they’re bored. Anything from overindulging in alcohol to junk food – the more boredom takes hold, the more prone we are to making poor decisions. There’s also a link between boredom and depression.

Here are just a few ideas of things you can do to break free of boredom.

Free Things  

Go for a walk. Try not to use a flashlight if you don’t have to. You’ll instinctually engage more of your senses, which is more stimulating. Plus, the night sky will be brighter, and if you look up long enough, most nights there will be a couple of shooting stars. Maybe try to find one.

You can also read or learn something new. For example, you might find this article on the negative and potentially positive effects of boredom interesting. Many trivial things can be fascinating, and they’re all on the internet. You can’t be fascinated and bored at the same time. If reading seems too old-fashioned, there’s always learning from videos, like some of the Discovery Channel documentaries. You might find yourself going down a rabbit hole learning all kinds of weird stuff. Rather than being bored, that could keep you up all night.

Perhaps instead of something just interesting and trivial, you could start learning a new skill or improving the ones you have and turn your boredom into productivity. Speaking of being productive, try making a “stuff I keep meaning to do” list. Whenever you’re bored at home, look at the list and see if there’s anything you feel like doing. Or do something on the list even if you don’t feel like it, at least it’ll be better than being bored.

Things That Aren’t Free  

The fact is a lot of the things we do to entertain ourselves cost money or involve spending some. Just a night on the town, a nice meal out, or going to a movie can get expensive. We accept that, but most of the things that cost money are daytime or evening activities or things that involve leaving home. Like throwing a frisbee in the park, many free things have the same problem. What is there to do late at night if you don’t mind spending money on being entertained?

There are streaming services where you can watch millions of different movies and TV shows, but by the time you found yourself typing “what to do when you get bored at night” into a search engine, you already knew that.

Today’s video games are amazing, immersive, and offer loads of fun. The best part is you can pick one out and start playing any time you want. Some are free, some you purchase and play, others you spend as you play for enhanced features and benefits. You can buy an older, cheaper game that’s still good or spend quite a lot of money, whatever you find an interest in.

If you’re looking for a way to really get the blood flowing, an activity with some risk involved can be very engaging and exciting. Doing some gambling with real money, like you can at VideoSlots partner website GoodLuckMate, has that risk element. When real money is involved, you’ll be concentrating, not bored. As long as you set yourself a limit and stick to it, you can have a lot of fun for the same cost as a night out, or less. If Lady Luck is on your side, you might even win money instead of spending it!

Final Thoughts  

Everybody gets bored occasionally. Hopefully, for a little while, you fought back boredom reading this article. It should also give you some ideas to avoid more of it in the future. There is good news. If you have time to be bored, you also have plenty of it to learn something new or explore a new entertainment form.



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