4 Hobbies for the Modern Masculine Man

4 Hobbies for the Modern Masculine Man

In a world where what it means to be masculine is changing, many men find themselves looking for hobbies that suit both the traditional and new definitions of masculinity. There are countless hobbies you could take up without spending much money. Some will get you active while others will challenge you intellectually. Below, we will a look at four hobbies for the modern masculine man, but if you want to learn exactly what it means to be a man, you can first check out this article. Next, we’ll dive right in.

Homebrewing Beer

Beer is, by all accounts, a large part of the traditional perception of what it means to be a man, so by this rationale, brewing your own beer is one of the ultimate forms of modern masculinity. It’s an accessible hobby, with starting kits designed for those just getting started to be almost as easy as mixing a cocktail, to the more complex full grain-based brews that take a lot more knowledge and understanding of the process to accomplish. The possibilities of what you can brew are endless too – from a heavy, hoppy IPA to a light and easy-drinking Mexican Cerveza, there’s something for all tastes. Prepare to do a lot of washing and cleaning as penance for your delicious homebrewed beer.


The smell of a woodshop is something completely unique. Woodworking is incredibly satisfying and it’s hard to describe that feeling of a smooth and freshly sanded and stained piece of oak. The nuance and learning in carpentry and woodworking is learned by understanding your materials and how to use them. Understanding the grain and stress patterns and how to work around them in your creations is the first step on your journey to a new bookshelf or table for your dining room.

Rock Climbing

The sight of someone quickly and effortlessly lifting themselves up along what appears to be a sheer cliff face is impressive. Relying on strength, stamina and technical skill, rock climbing is a hobby that requires a large time investment to become good at, but it is altogether rewarding. Whether you’re doing the short, technical traverses of a bouldering problem or long, multi-pitch technical climbs with lots of gear and knowledge of safety, you’ll find a home in the world of rock climbing if you’re the energetic, outdoors type.

Survival Skills

Perhaps the most dynamic suggestion on our list is the realm of survival and survival skills. It’s a hobby that is growing in popularity, perhaps thanks in part to television survivalists like Les Stroud and Bear Grylls and in part to our need to be ready to survive no matter what the future holds. Learning to live off the land and survive in the wilds is a skill that will combine camping, hiking and knowledge into a fun and useful hobby.

If none of these hobbies strike an interest in you, don’t fear. There are many more hobbies for the masculine man. Perhaps something like archery or leatherworking would be more appealing to you. Or maybe all you need is a sturdy pair of hiking boots and a trail to wander. There are infinite possibilities for self-improvement through hobbies as a modern masculine man.




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