5 Tips for a Smooth Recovery from an Illness

5 Tips for a Smooth Recovery from an Illness

Unfortunately, no-one is immune from getting sick, even if you pride yourself on looking after your body and taking all the necessary measures to avoid succumbing to illness, it is inevitable.

Becoming ill, whether it is catching a common cold, surrendering to a stomach bug or becoming contaminated by the flu virus, can leave you feeling weak, miserable, and inclined to hide away from the world for the foreseeable future.

Thankfully, the human body is miraculous in its ability to heal itself, and with a few extra efforts from yourself, you will be fighting fit in no time.

1.    Put your life on hold

This may not be what you want to hear, especially if you have a demanding job or a family to look after, but the quickest and safest way to recover from an illness is to simply stay at home.

Not only will going out lengthen the time it takes for you to recover, but you will also be putting others at risk of catching whatever it is that you are suffering from if you are still contagious.

Stay in bed where possible or until you feel well enough to venture around your home and ask family members or friends to do your shopping or any other vital tasks that you are unable to do for yourself.

2.    Focus on hydration

Depending on your illness, you are unlikely to feel inclined to eat, which is fine. However, you must ensure that your body is adequately hydrated if you want to recover properly. Water is your best option, although tea with honey or herbal teas can be effective if you can stomach them.

For a quick and intense hydration boost, you may want to consider mobile IV therapy in LA, which is renowned for its ability to hydrate your body as well as provide it with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to recover in record time.

3.    Embrace sleep

You may already know that your body needs between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a night to function at its best on a daily basis. However, when you are ill, your body needs a lot more sleep so that it can heal itself.

Aim to go to bed earlier than usual, let yourself sleep in in the morningand embrace daytime naps- you literally can never get too much shut-eye when you are unwell.

4.    Pay attention to your gut

This does not only apply to those who are suffering with a gastro-bug, as looking after your gut health can have a positive impact on your body’s ability to fight off a whole host of illnesses and diseases.

Ensuring that your gut is full of healthy bacteria can help boost your immune system, resulting in a quicker and smoother recovery from illness.

Try incorporating a lactobacillus-reuteri probiotic supplement into your recovery regime, and where possible, focus on gut-friendly foods such as:

•    Live yogurt

•    Kefir

•    Sourdough

•    Kimchi

•    Miso

•    Sauerkraut

5.    Don’t take on too much, too soon

It is a wonderous time when you finally start to feel a bit better, but you must ensure that you do not push yourself too much in the initial stages of your recovery. Otherwise, you risk going back to square one.

Instead, aim small. Go for a short walk around your block or ask your manager if you can work from home for a few days before you fully return to work.

Set realistic goals and, most importantly, listen to your body. If you start to feel tired or unwell, take a step back and rest once again. There is no time limit on your recovery, and each person is different in their ability to bounce back after an illness.

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