6 Tips To Help You Be A Calm And Peaceful Parent


There are hundreds of books on the market telling you what to expect when you’re about to become a parent. But, most of them don’t talk about how frustrating it can be. Whether you’re dealing with a baby that can’t understand you or a teenager that is always right, it can be difficult to stay calm.

Yet, this is the example you want to set for your children. It encourages them to remain calm, helps to build your relationship, and makes it easier to gain their support when needed. Alongside that, they will be better able to deal with issues in adulthood.

But, that doesn’t mean it is easy to stay calm all the time. The following tips will help.

1. Take A Break

Many people think that once you become a parent that’s it, you don’t have the right to do anything else. But, you’re still a person with your own interests and, you’ll find it much easier to stay calm if you give yourself some time off.

That means, using a reputable Croydon childcare centre to ensure your child is well-looked after while you do your own thing. You may be surprised at how much difference this makes.

2. Count To Ten

You probably encourage your children to take a time out but you should also give yourself one. Whenever you feel your anger rising take a deep breath and count to ten.

While doing so, consider how you will feel after you have had a rant and calmed down again. It’s never a pleasant feeling. Thinking about it can help you to stay calm now.

3. Let Them Make Decisions

If your child is making a bad decision and you have told them they are wrong but they won’t listen, then step back. You can’t control someone else’s life, they need to learn from their own mistakes. Cranking up the pressure and ranting about the issue won’t help anyone.

Instead, step away after saying your piece and let them make their own decision. This will also make it easier for them to come to you afterwards for help.

4. The Grand Scheme

Another way to help you stay calm is to consider the big picture. For example, your child has forgotten to bring their lunchbox, forcing you to buy them additional food. In the grand scheme of things, this is not going to make a significant impact on, life. In other words, don’t get upset, let it go.

5. Find A Solution

Another way to stay calm is to take a step back and see if there is another option. In most cases there is a halfway ground where you and your children can meet, allowing everyone to be happy without anyone needing to rant.  It just takes you to step back mentally and consider all the options calmly.

6. Walk Away

If you’ve moved past the building-up stage and are ready to start your rant then there is little you’ll be able to do to stop it. At this stage, the best thing to do is walk away. Give yourself some space to calm down and look at the issue objectively. The solution will often become clear and you can walk back and calmly discuss it.

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