Affordable Yet Effective Ways to Make Your Office’s Staff Room Inviting & Comfortable

Affordable Yet Effective Ways to Make Your Office’s Staff Room Inviting & Comfortable

If you are a business manager or owner who is lucky enough to have a business that managed to stay proverbially afloat during the turbulent and devastating worldwide coronavirus pandemic of 2020, you will be fully aware that you have two different groups of people to thank. Firstly, your loyal customers who have continued to purchase or use your products or services throughout lockdown, and secondly, and arguably significantly less easy to replace and replicate, your employees.

With that being said, continue reading to learn of some relatively affordable yet incredibly effective ways to make your office’s staff room a warm, inviting, and comfortable place to hang out.

Why Endeavour to Improve Your Staff room?

There is a multitude of advantages to striving to improve your staff room, and these advantages will not only benefit your dedicated employees but yourself and your business as a whole as well.

Providing a warm and relaxing environment inside your office’s staff room will ensure your employees have an inviting place to sit down and eat their lunch, do their crosswords, or else talk about, let’s face it, slightly more interesting non-work topics.

The benefits of having happy and contended employees include, but are categorically not limited to:

  • Happier staff members mean their emotional health and wellbeing needs are taken care of, and so they are unlikely to need as many sick days, resulting in the company saving costs on workforce expenses.
  • Happier staff members are far more likely to show loyalty to your company and stay for the long term as they work their way up your company’s hierarchy.
  • Happier staff members are much more competent at sealing business deals and selling your products and services to new, existing, and potential customers.
  • Happier staff members have a proven track record of substantially more accurate analytical abilities and problem-solving skills.
  • Happier staff members are significantly more productive as, once their emotional needs are satisfied, they are much more easily able to concentrate on the task at hand.

Ways to Improve Your Staff room

One of the most fabulous ideas which your employees will be incredibly grateful for is the addition of a pair of gorgeous and comfortable, stunning bean bag chairs for your employees to sit and relax in during their recreational breaks. There have even been numerous scientific studies that have conclusively proven that a comfortable place to sit and relax can reduce stress levels and lower feelings of anxiety.

Other effective and relatively affordable ways to improve the aesthetic appearance of your staff room include ensuring there is ventilation in the form of an open window, natural light instead of always synthetic lighting, and making sure that the fridge and hot drinks tray is always stocked with the basics.

In addition, you could purchase a new carpet, buy additional seating, ensure there are water coolers in and around the staff room, and invest in more than a few quality and sturdy wipe-free tables for your employees to eat their lunch on.

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