All You Need to Know About Rental Car Insurance in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most prestigious tourist destinations in Europe, it is a developed and very organized country with an excellent public transport system. If you really want to experience and explore Switzerland and not only the big cities, or if you are planning a family trip to Switzerland and want to enjoy not only the views but also privacy with your family, renting a car in Switzerland is without a doubt the best option.

A trip to Switzerland by car will allow you to arrive at a time convenient to you and stay as long as you want even in destinations where public transportation is not sufficient such as remote Swiss villages from the Middle Ages, beautiful flower fields, or enjoy a winery trip among the many Swiss wineries.



Having a car provides a lot of freedom when traveling through Europe, in Switzerland in particular. However, it also can be quite problematic if you get into an accident.

To save yourself and your passengers from theft or injuries and a vehicle from damage, you should claim reliable rental car insurance. Keep reading to learn everything about renting a vehicle in Switzerland.

Can I Drive a Rental Car Without Insurance?

Booking a car is a quick and relatively easy process, but when it comes to insuring your rental, you might face some difficulties. All rental vehicles should have some level of insurance, which may include:

  • Collision Damage Waiver (damage cover);
  • Theft Protection (theft cover);
  • Third-Party Liability (third-party cover).

When you rent a car in Switzerland, the price you pay usually includes the basic cover you require to legally drive a car within the country. Such coverage involves the legal minimum for protection, so you don’t legally have to buy any extra insurance policy. However, to protect your rental and yourself from an accident, you may need additional insurance.

Things to Consider When Making a Rental Car Insurance in Switzerland

If you don’t know how to protect yourself while driving a car in Swiss, these tips will help you to claim an insurance policy quickly and cost-effectively.

1.   Check the Local Driving Laws and Restrictions

Switzerland has spectacular yet dangerous mountain narrow and winding roads; therefore, it is crucial to have rental car coverage while driving there. However, to claim an appropriate insurance policy, you should learn Swiss car rental requirements and driving rules:

  • to rent a car in Switzerland, you must be at least 20 years old and have held your license for one year;
  • drivers under the age of 25 who are planning to rent a car in Swiss, may incur a young driver surcharge;
  • seatbelts are mandatory;
  • child seats are mandatory for children up to age 7;
  • traffic travels on the right;
  • passing is forbidden on roads with double white lines;
  • trams always have the right of way.

2.   Look Through Stand-Alone Insurance Policies for Your Rental Car

If you want to purchase extra coverage when booking a car, it is not necessary to claim insurance at a rental. You can easily get a stand-alone car rental insurance policy with This reliable company offers functional yet affordable coverage so that everyone could safely drive a car in Switzerland. Check out the details to ensure this insurance policy will cover any damage in case of an accident.

3.   Verify if Liability Coverage Is Included in Your Rental Fee

Liability coverage usually comes with a rental when you book a car in Switzerland. Depending on the policy you hold, you may already be covered against liability for injuries or damages you inflict when driving rental cars. Some insurances limit coverage to borrowed vehicles only, so you should also make sure you have additional third-party coverage.

4.   Consider Whether 3rd Party Car Rental Insurance Will Be Enough

Third-party insurance is not a must, but it is one of the standard forms of insurance for drivers in Swiss. In most insurance companies, this type of coverage can be taken out as an individual or as a partner or family policy. With third-party insurance, you can be safe when driving a rental, as in case of an accident, you won’t need to cover other involved drivers and passengers’ damage.

5.   Learn About Credit Card Coverage for Rental Car in Switzerland

Swiss rental car companies generally require a credit card deposit when you rent a vehicle. Using credit cards to pay for car rentals can help you save on rent, as some companies provide rental car discounts or insurance perks. But you should ensure your credit card is not limited in case you might need to settle large payments ahead of collecting a rental car.

Traffic laws in Switzerland

n Switzerland, you drive on the right side of the road (as in most European countries) and driving in Switzerland is not difficult. Note that roads with two parallel white lines mean that the road must not be bypassed. All roads are worth wearing seat belts. If you are planning a trip to Switzerland with children please note that children up to the age of 7 must sit in child seats. Electric trains in Switzerland always have a right of way.

The speed limit in Switzerland is up to 120 km / h on the highways, up to 80 km / h on an intercity road and up to 49 km / h on urban terrain.

Parking in Switzerland

Most major cities in Switzerland have ‘blue areas’ for parking as is common in many European countries, so if you park in them you must hang a special parking disc in the front window. The disc can usually be purchased at any car rental company in Switzerland as well as at gas stations and police stations.

Restrictions on car rental in Switzerland – departure with the vehicle to neighboring countries

Most car rental companies in Switzerland make it possible to take their cars out of most car and van categories (except for particularly expensive cars) to any country in Western Europe without restriction. Some countries in Eastern and Central Europe have restrictions, and in most cases it is also forbidden to go to Italy with expensive cars. Cars rented in Switzerland are generally not allowed to be taken to the following countries without prior arrangement and purchase special insurance: Albania, Ukraine , Bosnia, Belarus, Bulgaria , Czech Republic , Croatia ,  Estonia, Greece , Hungary , Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia,  Montenegro , Poland , Russia , Slovakia , Slovenia ,Serbia and Turkey .

Renting a car in one direction only – that is, picking up the car in one city like Geneva and returning it to another city like Zurich – is possible to destinations within Switzerland, though usually not to other destinations in Europe. Like France for example but this involves prior arrangement and extra charge and is not possible in all vehicle categories usually.

Best Car Rental Insurance

Car accidents can result in you spending a huge amount of money, in case you don’t have an insurance policy. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you are adequately covered against liability claims. With a policy, you will have effective coverage that protects you against any injuries or damages.



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