Everything to know about CNC Routers

Everything to know about CNC Routers

You might be wondering what a CNC router is and what it is used for. What components should CNC routers have and what are the functions of each? How does using a CNC router benefit your industry?

Computer Numerical Control router (CNC)

This is a machine that is used to cut different types of materials like aluminum, plastic, or wood. Router CNC runs on computer software hence faster and more precise than humans.


a.  Cutting bed.

It is a flat surface where the user places the material they need to cut. Screws, adhesive, vacuum suction, or clamps, and bolts are used to secure the material firmly to the cutting bed.

b.  Spindle.

It is responsible for cutting by rotating its cutting edge at different velocities depending on the material. Hard materials require slow speed while soft materials require fast speed to cut.

c.  Drive systems.

It has parts that allow the router to move along the X, Y, and Z-axis. It consists of the motor, means of moving, and guiding system. The mechanism of the movement consists of a ball or lead screw system.

d.  CNC controller and computer.

The CNC controller works together with the computer. The computer software allows you to create designs for cutting. It communicates with the CNC controller about the design via a post-processor that translates the design file to g-code for machining. The CNC controller moves the drive system to perform the task.

Benefits of using CNC routers

1.  Reduced manpower costs.

When the production process is automated, excess labor is reduced. The cutting process becomes easy, fast, and accurate. A smaller team is required to program the CNC router software and complete the routing process.

2.  Precision and accuracy.

Handheld operations are prone to a few errors. A CNC router is controlled by computer software meaning it gets precise instruction on the routing parameters. This ensures the work is done accurately therefore waste is greatly reduced saving you money and time.

3.  Ease of operations.

Using an automated CNC router makes work easier. The technicians are easily trained on how to use the software compared to teaching them how to safely perform handheld router operations.

4.  Improved safety.

Automated CNC routers have safety features that protect the users from any serious accidents.

5.  Repeatability.

The same thing can be routed several times with speed and accuracy saving you time and money. Being automated, the machinery can be left to do the work overnight.

What factors should you look out for when buying a CNC router?

a.  Manufacturer.

Do your research and find out if the company has the experience and offers support.

b.  Drive system.

To achieve accuracy and speed, the best manufacturer should combine the ball screw and rack, and pinion.

c.  Motor system.

d.  Automatic tool changer.

e.  Table size.

f.  Software.

Find software that has advanced features and offers regular updates.

g.  Machine features.

h.  Dust collection.

i.  Vacuum.

j.  Spindle.

Consider capabilities like torque, RPM, HP, load ratings, power requirements when buying.


A CNC router is a machine used to cut through different materials. It is made up of various components like a spindle, cutting bed, drive systems, and CNC controllers, and computers. Using a CNC router has a lot of benefits like safety is improved, manpower costs are reduced, operations are made easy and accuracy is achieved.




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