Everything You’ll Need to Set Up A Winning Home Office

Everything You’ll Need to Set Up A Winning Home Office

You deserve an amazing office. If the only place you can have a view, great design, and comfortable furniture is at home, then so be it. You deserve to have an amazing home office. You also deserve to work at a place that offers that level of flexibility. Hybrid working models are popular, and actually have the potential to drastically increase worker productivity – and support women while they’re at it. With childcare still largely handled by women, jobs that can offer the flexibility necessary to juggle kids and a career are more important than ever.

The one thing that makes working from home successful, of course, is having a great home office, which you can achieve by following this guide:

Upgrading Your Internet

The first step is, of course, to upgrade your internet. If you aren’t currently enjoying 1gbps speeds, then it’s important that you find an option that will. For the best speeds, look for a parallel option. This means that your upload and download speeds are the same. Doesn’t that sound possible? It is with fiber networks. You simply need to see if your area has residential fiber optic internet and sign up. You can typically say goodbye to your cable networks and even landline phone bills at the same time, so the cost should either work itself out or, better yet, cost less overall.

Upgrading Your Computer

In order to work from home confidently, you’ll need to upgrade your computer setup. While you can always choose luxury options, you may find you’re better off building your own computer. This is because you can upgrade it as necessary down the line rather than having to fork up an entirely new machine.

You’ll also want to get extra accessories, like a second monitor. Two monitors make it so much easier to manage large workflows seamlessly. To protect your hands and neck, ensure that your monitors can be adjusted height-wise and that you’re using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

Add HD Recording Equipment

If you want to come across as professional, then you’ll want to add a high-quality web camera to your setup, rather than relying on the built-in option that may come with your monitor. This is how you’ll get that crisp, cinematic video quality that immediately makes others take notice. Follow up with the audio recording equipment to match, and you’ll be good to go.

A Lightning Fast Printer

You need a printer that can quickly spit out all the pages you need and scan in documents in a flash. It can be irritating (and expensive) otherwise when you’re working from home. For most, this will mean getting an inkjet printer.

Home Design that Speaks to You

A functional workspace that makes it easy to WFH is your priority, yes, but what’s the point of dedicating an entire room to your office if it doesn’t also look good and feel amazing to be in? Find inspiration online, and work on creating a winning space. In general, you won’t want your desk facing any wall, so either put it in front of a window or, better yet, in front of the room so that you have a great backdrop, open space in front of you, and can gain access to better lighting overall.



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