Genetic testing: get to know the ultimate trend

Genetic testing: get to know the ultimate trend

Technological advances in genetics have meant outstanding achievements in information and knowledge of the human genome. With the creation of genetic tests that are within anyone’s reach, they’ve recently gained a lot of popularity.

These tests allow us to learn more about our health and well-being, and at the same time, they’re completely accessible and affordable. In this article, we will explain a genetic test and how it can help you make informed decisions about your health.

What is genetic testing?

Having a thorough understanding of genetics is one way to take action to improve health based on personal scientific data and be able to act on health with knowledge. To that end, several DNA tests indicate everything from predisposition to certain diseases to what diet works best based on your genes or which drugs will be more effective. They can also reveal unknown facts about your ethnicity and ancestry. These tests compare the information extracted from your DNA with thousands of scientifically rigorous studies, analyzing more than 700,000 markers to offer the most accurate results.

Taking a genetic test can have many benefits, both for the prevention and treatment of diseases and for leading a healthier life and improving your well-being. But most of the time, these kinds of tests reveal information about only one area.

24Genetics has developed the All in One test, a genetic test that includes all the types of tests they provide so that you can obtain complete information about your DNA.

Which information can you know through an All in One test?

  • An ancestral DNA test is a genetic study that provides information about the geographical regions related to the ancestors, going back between 25 and 30 generations, which is between 700 and 900 years on average. This way, you can discover the origin of your ancestors, where they lived, and even the specific regions.
  • Health. The influence of genetics on health is evident, as inherited genetics can be a significant determinant in the development of a long list of diseases. All in One test make it possible to know the predisposition to suffer from more than 200 diseases and be able to act in time.
  • Diet does not affect all human beings similarly, and genetics is one of the conditioning factors. For this reason, the test allows us to know different aspects of nutrition: what type of diet is best suited to your genes, what nutrients fit you better or worse, etc.
  • The effect that drugs have on each individual can certainly be influenced by genetics. It’s now possible to determine which drugs are most effective with a complete genetic analysis.
  • Sports. Genetic analysis provides valuable information on sports performance for both professional athletes and those who like to do sports in their spare time so that training and exercises can be adapted to be as effective as possible.
  • Personalized routines begin with knowledge of your skin, and DNA has much to say. Genetic factors significantly influence your skin type and the care it needs.
  • Personality and talent. Numerous studies affirm that character is strongly linked to genetic inheritance. Although it is an aspect that can be modified over the years, with a complete genetic analysis, you can learn how DNA influences your talent and personality.

Thanks to the 24Genetics test, through a single sample, you receive seven reports with all the information related to your genetics: ancestry, health, nutrition, pharma, talent and personality, sport, and skin. You can easily buy it on their website and receive it anywhere.

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