Guide to Buying the Suitable Fluffy Blankets

Guide to Buying the Suitable Fluffy Blankets

Fluffy blankets and throws make great bedding. They are the perfect choice when you want something soft and ecologically friendly. They are durable and bring exceptional comfort and warmth to your bed making it cozier and softer than ever. For a medium cold night they are a great alternative to wool blankets. Appropriately chosen fluffy blankets will have you ensconced with luxurious softness whereas wrong blankets will turn your sleep into a nightmare and also keep on chatting over the whole house.

If you are up to choosing a new fluffy blanket for your place it can be a daunting task. Because there are many key features that you have to look out including the softness, weight, thickness and the manufacturing material. Take a look at the guidelines given below to help you to buy the best quality fluffy blankets.

Consider the Temperature of your place

When it comes to choosing the appropriate blanket, consider the sleep temperature and compare it with the temperature of your place. Experts recommend that sleep temperature should neither be too cold nor too hot, just be moderate. People who sleep between 60 to 70 degree Fahrenheit get the best sleep. Therefore your bed from temperature should be somewhere between 60 to 70 degree Fahrenheit and not fall below this.

Choose the Right Size

Your blanket should be large enough to cover your mattress and a few inches extra to tuck under it. Blankets are available in all standard sizes. According to thumb rule if you are single you should buy the exact size as that of your belt but if you are supposed to share it with your partner or family go for one size larger in order to avoid the tug and war in the middle of night.

The standard sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but all the sizes round the readings given below.

●    Twin: 90 X 65 inches

●    Full: 90 X 85 inches

●    Queen size: 90 X 90 inches

●    King size: 90 X 110 inches

Selecting the Manufacturing material

The features of fluffy blankets greatly depend upon the manufacturing materials. Each material of characteristic benefits, a few of the blanket fabrics along with their benefits are given below. Read on to find what suits your needs?

Wool: Wool blankets result in heavy, warm and extremely soft ones. They are excellent thermal insulators and also observed the potty moisture. If you are not allergic to natural materials they are a good choice to sleep comfortably in cold winter months.

Cotton: Cotton blankets are machine washable and an excellent choice for those suffering from any skin or respiratory problems. They come in various types ranging from lightweight summer blankets to heavier winter blankets. They are environmentally friendly, soft and comfortable. Moreover they are affordable and readily accessible.

Fleece: Fluffy blankets made from fleece, are medium weight. They are cozy, warm, soft, comfortable, and excellent thermal insulators. They absorb the moisture very well and provide the user with a comfortable sleep without overheating or overcooling him. The best thing about this material is that it is suitable for all age groups, regardless of gender.

Down: Down fluffy blankets provide the same comfort as that of a down duvet but they are thinner and lighter. Down blankets are extremely soft and warm. They are made by sandwiching a layer of down and synthetic materials between the layers of fabric and then cut with a laser. This creates a soft pile on the surface of the blanket.

They come in many types such as winter, summer and spring with variant warming levels. If you are a warm sleeper, you must be aware when buying down fluffy blankets because they are not a good conductor of moisture and are very warm.


Fluffy blankets are a perfect choice if you want a durable, soft and environmental friendly topper for yourself. They not only bring comfort to your bed but can also be used to add an aesthetic touch to your sofas and armchairs. Although there exist a wide variety when it comes to Rafi blankets, if you follow our guides given above you will surely end up with a high quality blanket.

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