How Can Shopify SEO Experts Help Me?

Ever wonder what sets two brands in the same niche apart? How come one performs better than the other?
How Can Shopify SEO Experts Help Me?

It could quite possibly be the result of hiring a Shopify SEO expert. An expert knows how to get your site to the top of the search results page, so you get the most clicks.

The image shown below is how your click-through rate drops with your page ranking. But how do these Shopify SEO experts rank your site on the first results page? Let’s look at how they add value to your business.

1. They Optimize Your Site Structure

Ever wonder how it’s the simple things you enjoy most in life? Shopify SEO experts ensure your website is simple-to-navigate, which makes your customers and the search bots love it even more.

  • SEO experts help your customers find their products within three clicks of your homepage.
  • They also make your website more scalable by creating a great site structure. This way, you can add as many products or categories as you like without needing to adjust your overall site structure.

If not for experts, Shopify makes you do all the hard work. Unless you have a proper SEO understanding, both customers and bots might find it hard to navigate your site.

2.  They Provide You With The Right Keywords

If you aren’t using the keywords your customers are actively using for their search, you’re losing out on precious money, efforts, and time.

An SEO expert at Shopify helps you own a high-performing website by using the right keywords.

  • Hiring a Shopify SEO expert means you have access to insights from tools like Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahref, etc. This way, your keyword research provides relevant content addressing your customer’s query.
  • You also understand how they use these keywords to avoid penalties from Google.

3.  They Conduct Op-page Optimizations

SEO Shopify experts use on-page optimization techniques that bring your site to the top of the search results page. They do this by:

  • Auditing your website for broken links, heavy files, irrelevant or outdated keywords, duplicate content, etc., using powerful tools like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, GrowthBar, amongst others.
  • They then work on fixing these issues.
  • As a team, they optimize your content by adding the right tags for headings, titles, content, images, links, meta descriptions, meta titles, etc.
  • They bring with them expert content writers, so your blogs, meta descriptions, product descriptions, alt texts, etc., have quality content.
  • Their team of web developers ensures your website is performing at its peak.
  • They see to it that your best-performing content or products are highlighted on your website.

4.  They Provide You With Backlinks

A great part of hiring SEO experts for Shopify is that they can grow your market share.

  • By finding the most relevant websites in your niche, you get backlinks to send guest posts. This increases your brand visibility.
  • They reach out to your business partners (distributors and producers) for backlinks.
  • Thorough competitor analysis helps you get the backlinks used by your competitors.
  • Constant brand monitoring helps them leverage brand mentions, so you get more avenues for traffic to your website.

5.  They Add The Right Schema Markups

Schema markups are used by Google and other search engines to understand your product better. The Google snippets you see for a search query are a result of these markups.

  • A Shopify SEO expert knows how to best use your keywords, so Google picks it in its snippets.
  • They can showcase customer reviews and further optimize your site, so Google recommends you for the search query.
  • Using the right Shopify apps, your SEO experts help your content show up in search results.

6.  They Ensure Optimum Site Loading Speeds

In 2021, the average user has no patience to wait for your site to load.

  • Shopify SEO experts reduce your website’s bounce rates.
  • They use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to analyze and optimize your website.
  • They optimize your images, so your site loads faster.
  • They thoroughly search for the redundant Shopify extensions and apps that are increasing your loading time.
  • They select the right theme, so your website leads faster. Third-party themes are notoriously known for slowing your website speed.
  • They will check for the complexity of your liquid codes.
  • Pop-ups and other irrelevant featured product snippets will be removed so your page loads faster.

7.  They Make Your Site Responsive

While Shopify makes sure that almost all their themes are already mobile-friendly, SEO experts in Shopify can help use features like the following, so your mCommerce store looks professionally made:

  • They add a fixed navigation bar
  • They bring focus to featured product images
  • They optimize your text for mobile readers
  • They ensure your product descriptions aren’t too long.

There you have it, seven reasons how Shopify SEO Experts can help you grow your brand. So why wait? Get an SEO expert to help you with your Shopify site, now.

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Rahul Vij, co-founder of WebSpero Solutions, theater enthusiast; loves to talk about digital marketing and other emerging technologies. He believes in a learning mindset and is always looking to learn something new.

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