How Can Vaping Help You Quit Smoking

How Can Vaping Help You Quit Smoking

We have come a long way since the days when smoking was prescribed by doctors for anxiety or digestion, and now the negative effects of smoking are more obvious than ever.

2020 admittedly hasn’t been the best time for anyone to give up their damaging vices, but in an obvious paradox, with healthcare struggling at max capacity and the chronic amount of redundancies that have been made over the past few months, some would argue that this is the time we should be putting our health and our finances first.

If you are in the latter category and you are thinking about giving up smoking to improve your health, then you are in luck! There are now many support options for smokers who are ready to quit, including devices and supplements that can make the experience a little easier to bear.

Vaping is now one of the most popular ways to facilitate a transition into giving up smoking and has taken the western world by storm when it comes to a widely accepted everyday activity, and many businesses are supporting this movement.

So, how exactly does vaping help you quit smoking? Read on to find out.


Vaping Gives Nicotine and Reduces Other Harmful Substances

One of the health issues with smoking is the constant inhalation of smoke and other nasty chemicals and harmful additives that are in a cigarette, along with the nicotine. The smoke and additives can be extremely detrimental to our health causing all kinds of problems, whereas nicotine by itself is not as harmful as we might be made to believe – at least not in small doses.

Vaping removes the smoke and the other harmful additives that are found in cigarettes and replaces them with vapor and nicotine. This means the nicotine — the addictive substance — can be delivered to the bloodstream with much fewer side effects.


Vaping Takes into Consideration Smokers Habits

It’s not just the activity of smoking that’s addictive, but it is also the habits that form while we do it. And it could be argued that those are equally as difficult to break. Also, smoking has always been portrayed as somewhat of a social habit that can leave those who are giving up feeling like they are at a loose end. Vaping helps bridge the gap for all these issues.

Not only do smokers still have something to hold in their hands, but they also have something that can help them join in with their social circle. This can give them the resilience to not pick up a cigarette instead.

As vaping becomes increasingly popular, so do all the styles, modifications, and e-juices, which encourages businesses to step up to the mark and keep creating something bigger and better. Now is an excellent time to go into the vaping business or to invest in a vape franchise as this industry will continue to grow.


Vaping Twice as Likely to Help Those Give Up Smoking Than Gum

Nicotine gum has long been one of the staples recommended for those who are trying to quit smoking in pursuit of a healthier life, body, and bank balance. However, the evidence is slowly starting to suggest that vaping along with peer support and professional guidance can be twice as helpful in aiding smokers to quit.

These findings suggest that at the beginning, those who give up smoking are more likely to experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, lack of focus, and difficulty concentrating. Also, it seems that these unpleasant side effects diminished when switching to a vape.


 Vaping Through a Pregnancy?

Sometimes unexpected surprises happen which can catch us off guard and change our life. Not only will pregnancy change the body in so many ways, but it is also imperative that those who are pregnant give up smoking for the health of their baby.This can be quite a shock to the system and can be extremely difficult for those who might not even be prepared to give up.

Products that have been around for longer such as gum and patches are said to be safe to use throughout pregnancy and have had sufficient trials, whereas vaping is still relatively new. However, if someone must choose between being pregnant and smoking, or being pregnant and vaping, the general consensus is that the second option will be safer for both the carrier and the baby.


If you are choosing to give up smoking and give your body a better life, then there are many resources available to help you achieve it!


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