How has Artificial Intelligence affected the Gambling Industry

How has Artificial Intelligence affected the Gambling Industry

AI is an intelligent computer program that can independently collect and analyze information for self-study. Due to this, modern AI can perform tasks of a mental and even creative nature.

Surprisingly, the capabilities of AI were demonstrated for the first time back in the middle of the twentieth century. No wonder that since then artificial intelligence managed to gain entry in numerous sectors and has become an inseparable part of our everyday lives. The gambling industry has been no exception. Nowadays numerous online casinos and bookmakers use this system to adopt new changes. Let’s have a look at how AI managed to affect one of the largest industries in the world.

AI Application in the Gambling Business

The cost of implementing and using artificial intelligence is gradually decreasing, making its use available even for small businesses and startups. There are three topical areas for the gambling business, where AI provides an entrepreneur with a number of advantages.

Fraud Management

Artificial intelligence in gambling makes it possible to replace a whole staff of specialists for monitoring client activity. It instantly captures any suspicious action that differs from the norm, while a person is physically unable to keep track of everything.

It mainly applies to a bunch of casino games. A lot of players are using illegal methods to make more money, which frequently cannot be detected by humans. Artificial intelligence on that occasion is very useful and can immediately ban players who utilize unfair methods to gain an advantage. So if you decide to play baccarat online live, take into account that casinos will use artificial intelligence to restrict you from utilizing methods that are not considered fair. The same concept applies to poker, roulette and other casino games.

Retention Marketing

Artificial intelligence processes data across the entire customer base in a few minutes and predicts the behavior of a user who is planning to abandon the game soon. AI will show which players and what bonuses should be offered for their reactivation.

Acquisition Marketing

Due to the limited marketing budget, in order to maximize ROI, you have to constantly analyze traffic sources. In this regard, artificial intelligence in gambling has long surpassed the most experienced managers.

AI analyzes the game patterns of each new client who came from a new source and predicts potential income. Using the information obtained, you can intelligently reallocate resources to get high-quality traffic.

AI allows you to automatically decide which of the creatives will give the maximum conversion in the case of a specific user, taking into account geolocation, operating system, viewing time, screen size, etc. Artificial intelligence is used to automate routine customer acquisition tasks.

Artificial Intelligence Optimizes Gambling

Not only in the field of gambling but also in any other modern business, the use of AI will become the only correct stage of development. It is the perfect way to automate and streamline all your routine processes. Innovative companies gain a significant advantage.

For a business, the key indicator is marginality and customer base. The high level of margin allows you to invest more money in increasing your customer base. An operator who can afford to invest serious money in attracting a client is able to select an audience from his competitors.

Any operator knows how much money is spent on payroll. Artificial intelligence in gambling reduces these costs by improving the quality of work, thereby increasing the operational efficiency of the business.

Using a Chatbot in Gambling

The integration of a chatbot into a casino is a great way to generate an additional source of income. At the moment, the niche is not really mastered, so operators can take advantage of huge bonuses.

To make it clear, a chatbot is an intermediary between the server-side of the online casino and the user. AI is used to send inquiries from consumers and show the outcome. It’s worth noting that the chatbot provides players with all the classic gambling entertainment, free spins, bonus offers and even technical support. With the help of a bot, a gambler makes bets, deposits and withdraws money.

A good example of a chatbot is a business poker bot. The poker bot is based on three main elements:

  • Data reading module;
  • Decision making algorithm;
  • Simulation mechanism.

The first component determines the information received by the poker bot about the player: how long it takes for him to make a bet, how many folds he makes, as well as a number of other information that helps to analyze the opponent’s actions.

The decision-making algorithm works on the basis of complex mathematical and logical operations. The information turns into a variable and passes through the algorithms for calculating the move. After finding the desired response or reaction, the bot takes an action.

AI can wait for a little while with the issue of an answer so that the rival does not guess that it is not playing with a person, but with a bot. The third component, the simulation engine, is designed to accomplish this task.

AI Will Dominate Gambling

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence in gambling promises to revolutionize the world of gambling. As you can see, it can be used to solve a wide variety of tasks, from optimizing routine processes to gaming solutions.



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