How Projection Mapping is Changing the World of Advertisement?

How Projection Mapping is Changing the World of Advertisement?

Projection mapping is setting a brand-new goal in the advertisement world by moving images onto skyscrapers and public spaces, mesmerizing every artist and advertiser to participate in the game for a long time.

Buildings are the canvas for savvy advertisers, with 3D projection mapping as a brush and advertisements playing off onto the surface’s texture, creating an amusing experience of illusion with lights. Companies are looking forward to leaving their brand name onto buildings with a proper understanding of what is projection mapping?

Outline of Projection Mapping

3D Projection Mapping is presently one of the trendiest ways to advertise a brand. Big tech companies switch to 3D video displays on the web and buildings using powerful projection mapping campaigns.

3D Projection Mapping is usually a mapping technique of three-dimensional points on a two-dimensional surface. Utilizing the techniques, video creators are experimenting with sequences like a building crumbling and rebuilding in seconds, flipping their structures visually for an interactive display, and much more. The technique is flawlessly amazing! Any company can utilize it to bring phenomenal advertisements under their brand name.

Ways of implementing Projection Mapping

Projection mapping became powerful with time and is still growing. Artists worldwide are experimenting with patterns, colors, and architectural surfaces, from their pool of creative minds, implementing the following steps:

■  Knowing the right surface

Space can be anything to uphold the design into life. Some of the common platforms of artist preference are buildings, stages, and translucent backdrops.

■  The Right Lighting

Lights are the second most important thing to look for in creating projection mapping advertisements. Using professional software applications, a video artist calculates the brightness level, saturation, contrast, pixel density, highlights, and shadows, suiting best on the building. The metrics also play a role of significance here.

■  Content Development

Ideas are the real game-changers at this point of projection mapping advertisements. Professionals dig into their projection templates; evaluate them with new ideas, animation, and illustrations, to cement the visual stories for the bigger picture.

■  Set-Up

The final setup is everything about touch-ups on the content with a little more evaluation of the minute details. Experts visit the location for a clean trial and reserve for accuracy on the final day.

The Practical Details of Projection Mapping

Business is revolving around 3D projection mapping in current times. However, its total cost estimation scales a little high. Activations can extend up to one million USD for a single projection mapping advertisement. Engineers, tech gurus, animators, video makers take into the entire cost, with logistics and on-site resources being a chief requirement, to pull off the process seamlessly.

Besides that, a successful launch of a single projection, permanent or semi-permanent depending on the owners, mapping might require eight to fourteen weeks of effort, depending on the professionals, workflow, and experience.

Overall, what is projection mapping can be a magnet attracting ten times more audience when projected properly. It dwells on the motto – ‘See it to believe it.

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