How To Choose Countertops For Small Kitchens

How To Choose Countertops For Small Kitchens

When you only have a small space to play with in your kitchen in terms of renovation and remodeling, it’s crucial to choose all the elements of your new kitchen carefully. Any mistakes can mean that the room looks and feels a lot smaller than it needs to, and even in a small kitchen there are choices you can make that will ensure the illusion of space is offered. Read on to find out how you can choose countertops for a small kitchen to do just that; it’s an important consideration.

Keep It Uncluttered

No matter which of the wonderful options from Legacy Countertops you were to choose for your kitchen, there is one point that is important to remember; you must keep your countertops uncluttered. It won’t matter how great the countertop is or how big or small the room is, if the counters are covered in kitchen gadgets, are used to overflow food storage, or generally are used as a resting place for items that should be elsewhere, you’re never going to make the most of them. You won’t see them in some cases, and at the very least you won’t be able to use the countertops to prepare food. Make sure they are kept as clear and tidy as possible.

Matching Colors

If you want to make the most of the small space you have, it’s a good idea to ensure that whatever your choice of countertop might be, you make it match in terms of color with at least two other elements of the kitchen. Although this is not a concept you have to abide by, if you can stick to this rule, you’ll find that everything comes together much more cohesively, and your kitchen will look larger and less thrown together as a result.


Some of the features you can try to match the color of your work surface to include:

  • Flooring
  • Cupboard facades
  • Any dining sets you might have in the room
  • Window treatments

Contrasting Colors

Although we’ve just talked about matching colors when it comes to choosing a kitchen countertop, it’s also important to think about contrasting colors in some areas. In many cases, if you can opt for a contrasting color to the splash back, you’ll find that this opens up the space directly, and allows for a greater flow through the room.

Be Practical

Once you have narrowed down your options using the ideas above, you’ll need to think in terms of how practical you want your kitchen to be. After all, although most people will use the room to cook and prepare food in, and perhaps even to eat, for others it’s just a room where items are stored and where people hang out—they don’t actually use it to cook.


If you fall into the former area and you do use the kitchen to cook meals in, you’ll need to ensure that the countertop you choose is practical. This usually means picking a lighter color. There is a myth that suggests picking darker colors is better, as they “hide” the dirt and marks more, but this is not correct. It’s actually easier to clean lighter countertops, and small crumbs and even droplets of water are far less noticeable than on a darker countertop.



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