How to Create Product Packaging Which Stands Out

How to Create Product Packaging Which Stands Out

Studies have shown that when deciding to buy or not to buy a product, the packaging has a huge impact on the outcome. When packaging is done well, it can persuade consumers to buy a product that they have no prior knowledge of over a well-known brand. Also, when a customer purchases a product that comes in gift-like packaging, they are significantly more likely to buy from the same brand again in the future. This is because consumers cherish the gift-like packaging and associate it with a positive experience. Custom product packaging creates a sense of anticipation in the consumer, which entices them to buy the product and, in turn, increases product sales. It allows a business to connect with its consumers and build consumer loyalty. Whether you’re bringing a new product to market or considering rebooting existing packaging, this guide takes you through the key factors to consider when creating product packaging, which stands out from the competition.

Keep it simple and memorable

If you include too many colors, slogans, and images on your packaging, you are likely to come out with something which is visually unappealing and unfamiliar to consumers. The most successful brands have created a brand and packaging, which is simple but iconic. Consumers should be able to see your packaging and instantly recognize it as yours, which is why it pays to be memorable. If you were to describe your packaging to a child and send them off to shelf stuffed with your competitors, would they be able to find your product?

Use a powerful image

Of course, simple design can include imagery, but it is usually more effective to focus on one meaningful image, which will resonate with consumers rather than lots of small images or lots of text which can be off-putting. Your packaging should provoke an emotional response that persuades the customer their life would be enhanced if they bought your product.

Match the packaging to the product

The packaging you use should align with your product and brand image. For example, if you make a handmade craft or food products, you may want to continue to the handmade, personal touch in your packaging. This might mean using letter stencils to create a rustic effect or hand-tying a bow. On the other hand, if you are producing a luxury product in high quantities, you may want to opt or a minimalist, sleek, and contemporary design.

Consider reusable packaging

Some brands made their product packaging reusable, e.g., cookies or dog biscuits which come in a tin or a make-up set that comes in its own branded make-up bag. This ensures that your packaging could be used in the home for a long time to come, even after the product itself has run out. Essentially, your brand becomes part of everyday life for the customer and keeps you at the front of their mind.

Choose high-quality materials

Using cheap materials for your packaging may seem like a good idea in terms of keeping overhead costs down, but it can also send a clear message about your brand and your attitude to the customer. Consumers can spot cheap packaging very quickly and gives the impression that the product itself is likely to have been produced cheaply too.

Pick the right colors

The colors used in product packaging can elicit different emotional responses from different people having a direct impact on their buying decisions. Be sure to consider your use of color carefully and to choose colors that will appeal to your target market.

Find a balance

Packaging, which is poorly conceived and executed, can mask an otherwise fantastic product, packaging which resembles every other product on the shelf will be easy to overlook while packaging which is too ‘out there’ could mean that customers have no idea what it is or no personal connection. Don’t be afraid to be different, but remember the product needs to appeal to customers on a personal level.




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