How to Help Your Retired Parent Enjoy Their Golden Years

How to Help Your Retired Parent Enjoy Their Golden Years

When a parent first retires, nothing is stopping them from getting out there and enjoying themselves. A decade after that big retirement bash, however, and you will really start to see the years start to take their toll. Or perhaps they never really clicked with the retirement mindset and don’t have a bunch of great hobbies to enjoy or friends to spend their time with. Visiting them and spending more time with them is just the tip of the iceberg. To help your parents enjoy their golden years, you will want to follow this guide:

Find Them the Perfect Retirement Community

Retirement homes are not like they used to be. Today there are a variety of different kinds that offer various levels of support. For example, if your parent is having a hard time making new friends and getting out, independent living options are a perfect choice. Rather than be cared for by a nurse, they essentially get to enjoy their own apartment with great facilities that aim to get residents together so they can make friends.

Of course, options like Select Senior Living make it easy to customize what your parent needs. If they need advanced care or memory care, for example, there are senior living options designed to help them maintain their health and their independence.

Schedule Regular, Consistent Visits

New routines will need to be made, which is why when you plan to come over, try to make it a consistent, regular event. You could organize a big family dinner once a month, for example, but personally head over for brunch with your parent once a week. These sorts of routines make it easier to stay in touch and connected, while also giving your parent space to take up their own hobbies and make their own plans.

Encourage Them to Try New Things

Some will find they don’t need to encourage their parent at all to try new things. Others might find it a constant battle, especially if they have already lost their lifelong partner in one way or another. If you find you are in the latter group, you can try to join them for classes and little workshops in the beginning, just to get them used to the idea and hopefully encourage them to take it up themselves.

Find Social Opportunities for Them

You cannot make someone go off and make friends, but you can make it easy for them to know where they can go. Simply by doing the legwork and finding local groups around your parent’s home and sending them the flyers or emails is all you need to do. The biggest difficulty in reaching out and joining those groups is knowing they exist in the first place. By encouraging them to try new things, and giving them a great list of options, they should ideally find something of interest.

Be Active, Together

Regular visits are not the only way that you can spend time together. Enjoy a sport together, go on hikes together, or even volunteer in something that you both enjoy. Bone density and flexibility diminish the older they get, but if they are regularly active, at least with you, then you will both benefit massively.

Tip: Try to exercise outdoors as much as you can, as being around nature is great for the mind and body.




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