How to make your vacation more affordable

How to make your vacation more affordable

Going on holiday can be expensive. You need to consider travel costs, accommodation, and that’s to say nothing of the money you’ll spend eating out and buying gifts. That’s why this article outlines some of the best ways to make your vacation more affordable.

Choose the right time

Holiday prices fluctuate between seasons. For example, traveling during the summer typically means more expensive plane tickets and longer lines at tourist attractions, as well as higher hotel rates. Moreover, it’s common for businesses to offer special discounts during off-seasons—which can save you money on meals and shopping.

Choose cheaper countries

Even if you’re on a tight budget, it may be possible to vacation abroad. Take advantage of the current exchange rates to pay less for your plane tickets and accommodations abroad. Often, you can even save money by using foreign ATMs to take locally priced cash advances in lieu of exchanging currency upon arrival—just check with your bank first to avoid fees.

If you’re willing to vacation domestically, look for low-cost amusement parks and outdoor recreation areas within driving distance of where you live. Many state and local governments offer special discounted rates on their facilities and attractions during off-peak seasons—which can help offset the cost of gas and lodging.

Don’t eat out

Pack snacks, drinks, and meals ahead of time to avoid overpaying at restaurants. At amusement parks, bring empty water bottles that you can fill up for free at water fountains. You might also consider buying a day or week-long pass for parking at the airport to save money on long layovers.

Plan free activities

The best way to save money on your vacation is to plan activities that don’t cost anything at all. After all, things like going to casinos, art galleries, and attending shows all cost money. Now that people use websites like to gamble, there’s less incentive to do it while you’re away. That’s why planning free activities like hiking or hitting the park is so useful. They help to keep costs down in contrast to more expensive activities.

These might include visiting local parks, museums, and galleries, sporting events, and touring different neighborhoods in the city you’re visiting. You could also combine these free activities with discounted admission offers. For example, most amusement parks offer discounted tickets on certain days of the week.

Keep packing to a minimum

Most people pack too much when they go on vacation. That’s not only a waste of your time, but it also means more stuff to lug around with you! When you get to your destination, try staying in one room of the house or hotel suite instead of several. You can save money by sticking to clothing basics like neutral colors, which can be combined in many different outfits. A good place to start with packing is by using the 10/20/30 Rule of Packing: Pack no more than 10 articles of clothing that are appropriate for the season, 20 articles of clothing that are neutral colors, and 30 total items (including accessories) overall.

It’s important to remember that your primary goal when traveling should always be to have fun. The best way to save money on your vacation is simply by planning ahead, being flexible with your schedule, and looking for all the free entertainment you can find. By doing this, it will make your trip more affordable no matter how much you plan on spending.

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