How to Manage Your College and Life During Pandemic?

How to Manage Your College and Life During Pandemic?

When quarantine comes, the requirements that are easy at first sight – to sit at home and enjoy life – are very hard to follow. At least, everyone who is used to socializing outside the house in ordinary life, today experience stress and fatigue, which leads to confusion and frustration. Moreover, many people experience anxiety, which occurs in both “home” areas – in leisure and at work.People have to face the difficulties of isolation, find their methods of dealing with stress, and redefine the art of taking genuine pleasure in living online.

Self-Entertainment Can Be Daunting but Is Vital

Home isolation makes people deal with two things at home,which is having fun and work. It’s difficult to work, they say, but it’s easy to have fun. Before the lock-down after work, people could change the location and return daily to have fun. But things drastically change when you’re stuck in one place. It is like comparing a visit to an airport two hours before your flight departs and living at the airport on an ongoing basis.

If before, even with a passive lifestyle, you would at least change the atmosphere, throw a couple of news with friends and stress in traffic jams to relax at home, now we are deprived of even such even the smallest social situations. The house seems like a box, and every day it’s becoming more and more difficult to feel vivid emotions, without having a chance to exchange energy with people. Nevertheless, the situation with home entertainment is not hopeless. If you know what you can and should do, home confinement will be tolerable and pleasant.

The first rule: do not try to have fun as you had before. Otherwise, after three days, all the “favorite” activities will drive you mad. If the set of template actions drags on for a week, this social isolation will certainly lead to depression, so you risk lying on the bed all day and drill the ceiling with a dark gaze.

Develop New Skills – They Will Always Be Needed

No one should waste all of their days thinking about work or searching for how to do my homework. You have a crazy amount of possibilities to learn something online. Take online training course for something that you have long dreamed of, but never found the time: from video editing to cutting and sewing. Start a new game. Or start learning a new foreign language, as finding a teacher online is now an easy deal. All this will not only entertain and distract you but also help you gain skills for the period after the pandemic.

When working remotely, you constantly blur the whole picture. All plans, deadlines, intermediate goals, and stages in most cases, exist only theoretically and are not imposed. Nobody stands above you and does not follow the progress of the work. You are left to your own devices.

You have probably heard before that the most important thing in remote work is to establish the regime of the day, develop self-discipline, start an organizer, write down all the affairs scheduled for a day, week, month, and so on. The main thing, to begin with, is the development of a sense of rhythm.

Here are some things you can do during the pandemic without spending too much money:

•    Take Time for Self-Improvement

Find educational podcasts, learn a new language, try to set your daily schedule, and manage yourself. Of course, the time is limited, and you will be pretty surprised how quickly the day passes by, but if you organize your day wisely, the results will amaze you.

•    Become Healthier

You have time to think more about what you eat, how often you eat, and your exercises. It takes a little bit of self-control, and you’ll fail a lot, but the experience to better yourself is rewarding.

•    Read More

The books you haven’t read from 2015, the books you have never had time to spare for. Now you can read all of them one by one. It can be a great source of joy and experience, a spare extra hour a day, cutting off your Netflix watching time.

•    Don’t Neglect Volunteer Duties

It’s a great time to take a step forward and be proactive. There are tons of places that need help and free hands. You can find where the assistance is required online and offline. It will become a bonus in your CV and a real test of your values and skills.

During this unnerving and unstable time, it’s hard to paddle your own canoe. It counts for all situations and makes it even harder for students, first-year students, and graduates. What to do in the times where most colleges remain closed, and the future seems foggy and unpredictable than ever before? We cannot change the situation itself, but we may try to change our mindset and ourselves to meet the full armor’s future. Here are few not simple but rewarding steps to follow to get ready for any future and provide yourself with higher chances to be viewed by the majority of employees or colleges as a person they want to accept.

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