How to reupholster your furniture this winter?

How to reupholster your furniture this winter?

Winter is just around the corner. Are we ready for some beautiful home décor for this coming season? It is not just about winter but also the holidays that we are preparing. Nothing is more comfortable and relaxing to look forward to than to spend time at home on warm and cozy furnishings this season. For some, it might be tricky enough to think about what will be the best design for your upholstery for the winter and holiday season. First, we should take into consideration what is the best upholstery fabric to use for your upholstery design. Second, what benefit we could get if we chose particular fabric types? There might be many varieties of upholstery fabric well suited enough for this upcoming winter season. However, we need to go for the best one as much as possible to have the highest satisfactory result on your upholstery needs. It’s not just by design but also for its purpose.

Let’s take a look at some of the best upholstery fabric that is best for your upholstery needs this coming winter season.

Wool Fabrics – This type of fabric is classified to be a natural made fabric; which means they came from nature. This material comes from a variety of animal hairs, especially from sheep. There are many designs to choose from when reupholstering your furniture with wool. This fabric will surely make a cozy fabric for your sofa during the cold winter season. Wool is also both durable and robust. It’s a guarantee that it will last for a long time with the correct care applied to it. It is also very safe as they are fire resistant compared to other plant-based fabrics and those synthetic fabrics. On a side note, this fabric is quite expensive than other fabrics. For the environmental effect of this type of fabric, there aren’t no animals are harmed during the production of this material since wool itself is just from the hairs of animals.

Furs Fabrics – Or so we call fake furs. This type of fabric will also be best for your upholstery needs for the winter season. They are also the thick fabric type that could absorb heat and give us warmth during this season. They are called fake fur since this type of material is made out of a combination of naturally made fabrics such as wool and cotton mixed with some synthetic fabrics such as rayon. They are knitted, woven, and dyed to resemble the properties of the real furs. Fur fabrics are stronger and more durable. Surely it can stand the test of time if it’s handled with care.

If you will be asking as to why not use the real furs? Well, the real ones are not economically viable because of the environmental effect it has on animals when producing it.

Velvet Fabrics – A fabric that is also one of the best or not the perfect choice for your upholstery needs this season. They are known to be very durable and strong yet very soft in touch. It will also make your furniture look elegant and luxurious if ever you’ll choose this fabric. There are a variety of velvet fabric types such as cotton velvet, micro velvet, crushed velvet, and mohair velvet. With all the different types, some velvet is mixed with synthetic fabrics. They are also strong and durable but more affordable than other velvet types. Velvet fabrics are a heavy type of fabric that will surely give your furniture its spice during the cold season. It is considered to be a timeless type of fabric that is best all year round. When this fabric ages, it will give you a variety of colour hues that is sensational for the winter season.

Chenille Fabrics – This type of fabric is the most versatile of all fabrics. This fabric also has its cozy, fuzzy, and warmth somewhat similar to velvet; it is also a heavy and thick type of fabric. This fabric is composed of some polyester material, which makes it very strong and durable when upholstered to any of your furniture. This material is also better not just for your upholstery needs but also for your other home décors needs such as curtains and rugs.

Jacquard Fabric – This fabric is a combination of cotton, silk, acrylic, and polyester. It is also best for the winter season since it has the same properties as those fabrics mentioned above. As opposed to velvet and chenille, these are just a medium-weight fabric but could still give you that cozy and warm feeling. The design of this fabric is patterned not printed. Because of that, this type of material is fade resistant. It is also very durable that it’s designed for heavy usage and is very well suited for your upholstery needs for the cold weather season. This fabric is not only for your upholstery but used for other furnishing applications.

Those are the top upholstery fabrics that are top-notch for your upholstery needs for the winter season. Another thing to take into consideration is the colour of the fabrics that you are opting to. Yes, those fabrics have the qualities you are looking for when it comes to keeping you comfortable during this season. Nevertheless, we should take it the best of the best. Choose dark-coloured fabrics; any of those mentioned above. Dark-coloured fabrics will give you extra more warmth than those light-coloured ones. You might be thinking about the holiday season too, there are many designs, colours, and patterns to choose from. You need not worry about availability since most of the stores can offer a lot more. You might also pick the best design well suited for both the winter and holiday season. No matter what your choice is, you can never go wrong with those fabrics. This makes the winter season something to look forward to for you and your family. If you still have any more concerns about the fabrics that you need this season, the Yorkshire fabric shop is always here to help.



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