Learn About the Pros and Cons Before You Consider Buying a Royal Enfield Classic 350

Royal Enfield introduced the latest generation model of its popular Royal Enfield classic 350 in September 2021. In terms of style, Royal Enfield has not changed far from its predecessor. However, there are some modifications in the finer details. The most significant change is the new chassis and engine, which are similar to that of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Motorcycle

The new Classic 350 is the second brand new Royal Enfield motorcycle based on the latest J-Series engine. Royal Enfield Classic 350 Price starting at 1.84 lakh and up, the RE Classic 350 is the ideal motorcycle for anyone looking to enter the world of contemporary classic two-wheelers. However, before you make a move, make sure you read our guide highlighting the pros and cons of this motorcycle.

Pros of Royal Enfield Classic 350

Royal Enfield is one beast of a bike with the following pros.

■ Powerful Engine

Royal Enfield 350 boasts a powerful engine with plenty of pulling power, making it the ideal motorcycle for those contemplating a trip through rugged areas like slopes and mountains. In addition, it requires the slightest effort to reach its best performance because the values are easily achieved at relatively lower torque than all other bikes available in India within this segment. With 28 NM of the massive torque, one can identify that Royal Enfield and power are old allies.

■ Double Discs & 2-Channel ABS

Royal Enfield classic 350 uses front disc brakes of 280mm that have two calipers and a 240mm disc brake with a single-piston caliper for the rear. It makes it a perfect Royal Enfield to drive since cutting speeds is made easy, and driving at higher speeds is more exciting.

Additionally, the dual-channel ABS takes the riding experience to the next stage. The handlebar is different from the Royal Enfield Bullet series, providing the rider more assurance when moving through high traffic. The tyres of Royal Enfield classic 350 are the MRF 90/90-19 and 110/90-18. These tyres are many years ahead of the ones on Bullet 350, helping the rider achieve a greater grip on the road’s surface.

■ Powerful Headlight

Royal Enfield provides the classic 350 with 60W/55W halogen headlights that are twice as brighter than the standard bulbs on most motorcycles. They’re extremely helpful in adverse weather conditions and during the night time driving. And the addition of a light switch makes them more efficient and beneficial in harsh conditions.

■ Excellent Mileage

Many riders have reported royal enfield classic mileage of about 40 kmpl. The average mileage never dips below 35 kmpl with most riders, but when you drive with care and an efficient throttle, the classic 350 mileage can easily reach 40 kmpl without hesitation. Riders need not be concerned about refills constantly on the go because the motorbike offers 500 miles of range for riding in the full tank of fuel with an average throttle.

■ Retro Looks

The Royal Enfield classic 350 features a full metal body, a round headlight, a massive fuel tank, curved fenders, and spoke wheels in chrome. The seat split is an eye-catching feature, while the exhaust is common to the Royal Enfield Bullet and classic models. The retro-inspired design style creates a distinctive road presence.

■ Electric Start

Royal Enfield gives the option of an electric start for the classic 350 as a standard option. It can help potential riders who are not too experienced with kick-starters to join the Royal Enfield family. It can also help those afraid of the reverse effect of Royal Enfield’s kick starter that is thought to be quite risky on older Bullet motorcycles.

Cons of Royal Enfield 350

While buying Royal Enfield 350, you will have to adjust with the following cons.

■ High Associated Insurance Cost

Whether you ride a high-end bike or an economic model, you will have to bear the insurance costs attached to it. Unfortunately, the more advanced and expensive a bike is, the higher the associated insurance cost will be. If you’re planning to buy a Royal Enfield 350, you should first use an online bike insurance calculator to get an accurate picture of the costs you’ll have to bear.

■ Heavyweight

Royal Enfield classic 350 weighs around 192 kg which is much heavier than other bikes in this class.  Consider the Jawa 300, weighing approximately 170 kg, to give a few close comparisons. The extra weight of 22 kg means it is slower overall in top speed. Royal Enfield is actually not well-known for its acceleration or speed, but reducing its weight in certain areas could improve the riding experience in the near time.

■ No Fuel Gauge

When someone takes your bike out on a ride but accidentally switches your fuel lever to reserve? You wouldn’t know when your bike runs low on fuel because there’s no sign of anything until the unfortunate stop. Although Royal Enfield 350 is a different ballgame, adding a fuel gauge would have been a more practical option for this two-wheeler.

■ Refinement Issues

Royal Enfield should address the refinement issues encountered by thousands of fans regarding engine noise, loud vibrations, and false neutrals. While Royal Enfield bikes are designed to last longer, not every rider is aware of how to navigate through an experience when you pay the INR 1.70 lakh (on-road), and you do not like the engine’s sound when it is idle.

■ High Price

An upgrade of the Bullet 350 with a different design and features added, Royal Enfield Classic 350 commands the price of approximately INR 1.87 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The disc brake, electric start, and MRF tyres certainly make it costly, but the gap is about INR 22,000 compared to the Bullet 350.

And not to forget, the more luxurious the bike is with several attachments, the higher will be the bullet insurance cost, which is enough to increase the overall cost associated with the two-wheeler. Royal Enfield should have provided the lower cost as many people might skip the road cost, which crosses the 1.70 lakh mark in many cities. Its signals ABS version can be bought at the price of INR 1.62 lakh (ex-showroom).

Are You Ready to Get the New Royal Enfield Classic 350?

Royal Enfield classic 350 is a dream bike for many, but the high associated costs prevent many from turning this dream into a reality. Moreover, those who agree on the cost struggle to make an informed buying decision because of the lack of proper guidance. But now that you have the full list of pros and cons of the Royal Enfield classic 350 listed above, you would rarely encounter any buying challenges.

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