Lower your car insurance rates – 11 crucial discounts to count on

Lower your car insurance rates – 11 crucial discounts to count on

Car insurance premiums don’t come easy! Some cost you more than you can imagine. Besides, there are factors like age, credit history, location, gender, claims and other impacting the premium cost. In such a situation, car owners look for ways to reduce rates.

Checking out a quotes comparison site is a smart call! Another wise move is to opt-in for the discounts. Discussed below are eleven discounts that can help you save on your car insurance policy.

1.    Accident-Free discount

Drivers with a good driving record might not always get a reduced rate. There are insurance service providers that consider several variables while estimating the premium. However, these companies provide a reduced price to drivers with no accident. Also, drivers who have fewer claims and violations can pay a premium, which is 33% less than others for about three years.

2.    Good student discount

If you are less than 26 years, you can apply for the good student discount! There are a few vehicle insurers, who want the students to have a specific grade for a time, for qualifying for the discount. For instance, some companies offer an 8% student discount for people in college/high-school and have maintained their B average grades. Teenage drivers can leverage this discount and save more.

3.    Defensive driver course discount

Do you have a poor driving history? If yes, chances are you can opt-in for a primary or defensive driver training course and leverage the premium reduction. Some insurers offer as many as 8% discounts for completing the course. However, the discount percentage varies based on the state you reside and the driving programs that the states provide.

4.    Safe driving discount

The discounts for secure driving take multiple forms! There are a few companies that provide rebates when drivers don’t have any accidents in their driving history for close to five years. Then other companies provide to reduce the deductible $100 annually if the driver has no accidents in his/her record. All these factors can help drivers get a reduced premium and save more.

5.    Military discount

Even the military veterans and personnel can say yes to reduced premiums! Today, there are national authorities that provide as much as 15% of premium discount to military personnel. It enables the policyholder suspensions or minimizations of insurance coverage for a car.

6.    Multi-car discount

The car insurance service providers offer a refund the moment cars get insured! Some brands provide its consumers as much as a 25% discount for allowing more than two cars for insurance. These brands also providers useful discounts to the people who are below the 30-age bracket and whose parents have been with the concerned insurance providers for about five years.

7.    Multi-policy discounts

You can bundle up for minimizing the rates! There are insurance companies that wish to reward their customers by providing discounts when the customers opt-in for more than a single policy. Sometimes, these companies offer as much as a 20% discount, for opting in for car, life and home insurance policies altogether. However, it is necessary to compare these multiple-policy rates with various other companies. That will ensure that you aren’t paying more or missing out on the best deal for you.

8.    Low mileage discount

When there aren’t many miles on the vehicle, the chances of getting a reduced premium is more. There’s no typical mileage that you can qualify for. Generally, the figure could be 12,000 miles annually. However, this number keeps changing. Hence, it’s always best to get in touch with an insurance service provider and sort out the rest.

9.    Anti-theft system discount

A simple alarm system that takes off about 10% apart from the car policy premiums.The factory-installed systems help you to avail the discounts. You need to count on the savings if you wish to install the system.

10.    Automatic payment discount

There are a few vehicle insurances companies that will provide a discount, when you create payments automatically from the bank account. Sometimes, you can get as much as $50 savings the moment you sign up for the car policy online.

11.    Pay-in full discount

It is one car policy discounts that most people miss out on! Here the insurance premiums reduce when you pay for six months at a stretch. When you resort for a monthly payment, the expense will increase, significantly. The main task here is to save ahead of time, that is before the due date premium, for keeping the money at hand, the moment the insurance bill is due.

These are several other discount options that drivers can opt-in for as well! However, these eleven auto insurance discounts help you to save on the annual premium rates and add to your savings. To reap the benefits, you need to research and stay updated on the correct facts about these discounts. After that, you can seek counsel from an expert car insurer and opt-in for the best discount.

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