Maximising The Light Levels In Your Home

Maximising The Light Levels In Your Home

Having a light, bright house often does give the illusion of it having much more space, which is the perfect solution to a house that isn’t actually that large. It is often the case that you don’t even necessarily have to have loads of room to feel like your house is spacious, sometimes the way you decorate it makes all the difference. Having a light house can significantly improve your mood and make you feel much more happy and motivated compared to if you are living in a dark pit. This will also mean you are seeing things in a different light, which can have positive impacts on your vision. Here are some easy ways you can maximize the light levels in your home.

Get Some Big Glass Doors

Firstly, you should use glass wherever you can, as this is completely transparent, therefore letting the light in that a wooden door would probably block out. You can use glass in a lot of places around your home, but a perfect place to get glass installed is in your kitchen or living room, looking out onto your garden. This way, all of the light naturally shining onto your garden will flood indoors, opening up the room significantly. This is really nice for all times of year – both in the summer when you can stay outside for longer in the warm weather and the winter when you can look out while being cozy and warm indoors. Take a look at the gorgeous sliding doors from companies like Cover Glass for some home inspiration.

Keeping With A Minimalist Clean Theme

Keeping with a minimalist, clean theme will make your house look less cluttered and is another great way to make your house look lighter and more spacious. This is easily achieved by choosing furniture that sticks to a nice clean color scheme, as well as by keeping your walls light rather than making them too dark or decorated. You could even go for a white and neutral colour scheme if you really want to maximize light levels. Having as little mess as possible is also good, so if you are a messy person, you should invest in more storage or have a clear out.

Get Some Good Lights

Getting good lightbulbs is a good way to maximize light levels. Although in summer, this job will be done mostly by the sun, there will inevitably be some rainy cold days where there is not much light and you will have to rely on artificial lights. You should make sure you like the tone of the lights: some people prefer quite bright white lights whereas other people have a preference for more yellow tones. Try both out and see which best fits in your house.

Light is great for keeping you focused, especially if you have to work at home. Having the option to have a well-lit home means you can do so much more in there and aren’t limited. You could even go for dimming lightbulbs If you want both options!


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